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 Travel & Adventure

Our road trip cum family vacation have begun which means I am doing loads of challenges:

  • Eating healthy- lots of treats consumed 
  • Getting vegetarian options. Since I do not eat eggs, meat, fish, chicken in any form; my choices are limited at restaurants. Then, I have to think about hitting all the food groups.
  • T’s food: I confess, she has had a few more treats than necessary.
  • Not being stressed- tough with sticking to a preschooler’s schedules
  • My lack of confidence in driving: with our rental car being enormous, it’s even more difficult for me.
  • T’s mild motion sickness: not too severe but enough for us to be cautious

But there are good parts too:

  • We mostly ate in. So, we got healthy food with portions I could control
  • We packed plenty of healthy snacks. Nuts and multi grain crackers have kept me from devouring too many unhealthy alternatives. (Yup, I did pack a lot of junk! 😐)
  • T sleeps in the car, so her early rising and afternoon naps are compensated. And she’s sleeping not too long past bedtime.
  • Since car times are also naps, T’s  health is ok. Touch Wood!
  • Bonus: I read a book, courtesy my SIL. Yayy!
  • All the places we went had at least one strict vegetarian option on the menu, that included protein and veggies. So far, so good!
  • I have driven our seemingly gigantic car and have lived to tell the tale! So, definitely not an issue of grave (pardon the pun) concern any longer! 

I also realized again that life is indeed full of little troubles and challenges that make us feel helpless, clueless and troubled! But in the same vein, life is filled with many moments of little joys and tiny triumphs! And these are what need to be cherished, remembered and drawn upon when we feel low or inadequate! 

On that optimistic note, Adieu until next week! Be happy and healthy! 

Back to Chicago!

Hello everyone! It’s Bonjour again form Chicago after a fab vacation in India.

The week has quickly flown by with:

Jet lag

Annual Carpet Shampooing

Annual Pest Control



Room make over for the grown-up toddler (she’s learnt so many things in just two months with the grandparents)

Naturally, blogging has taken a back seat. But with this super-short blog post, I aim to stay on top of things…. (by the skin of my teeth!)

With a much more relaxed and longer post, I shall see you folks next week! Dasvidaniya!


It seems like any time I have friends or family or AuntFlow over, my diet and good intentions are out of the window. Pathetic!

But no use making excuses. Now is as good a time as any. So, back to eating, drinking and exercising again.

I shall be heading to India soon for a wedding. So, this month is all I have to prepare myself to fit into gorgeous clothes and practise eating well even when a guest or during travel. That is the challenge for these 30 days.

Please do share tips to stay on course while traveling and dining as a guest while visiting relations. What works for you? Sharing is caring!

Press It

In answer to today’s prompt, I’d like to share three amazing blog posts I read this past week and why I found them amazing!

  1. My Least Favorite Child Today– the hilarious account of his twin sons’ reaction after his first trip away was hilarious and fun. I though we would not have the post ending with the author’s account of which child was less than perfect (since he was away) but no, we got the tally. Once again, it did not disappoint. Bonus: Every post includes a pic of Neil Patrick Harris (of Barney fame)!
  2. GameOfDiapers: I loved this blogpost. They say a picture says a thousand words. But this one says it all. Honesty, courage, Determination- these are just few of the words that come to mind. In a world full of Mommy wars, Photoshopping, I’mBetterThanYou mindset; this mom of three is totally winning it by her authenticity and priorities. Go girl, you’re my idol!
  3. My Favorite Things: Nostalgia and family are always wonderful. But someone else’s? In this brilliant post, we see the author leading us down her memory lane with some photographs that she has received. Short, compelling narrative of bittersweet memories make this blogpost captivating to read. I also admire this particular blog post even more, because it is a shift from the author’s usual on her travel blog. There are posts unrelated to travel, yes, but they are infrequent and so more exciting to read.

P.S. This post is in response to today’s Daily Post Challenge. Share the love and check these blogs out.You won’t be disappointed!