Resolutions : Quarterly Update

This post is the quarterly update on the Year’s Goals. Now, my Resolutions for 2017 were:

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2017 Resolutions

As of today, I have finished reading three books. These are listed on my Books- 2017 Page. Hurrah! I am well on track!

I have managed to add my thoughts every week on this blog as my posting activity shows:

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Posting Activity from WordPress Stats

I managed to steer clear of unhealthy items even during T’s birthday. I even staved off desserts when our friends came over this weekend and we had fun hosting multiple get-togethers and social dos.

Until this week!

What with the snowing, late hours for Hubs and fussiness of my adorable preschooler, it seems like I am using chips as a mood booster! Sure, they are Kettle Cooked, Wavy, and Delicious! But, still unhealthy! It seems like I simply cannot summon any more willpower after holding my patience and words with T. I have indulged twice already: Monday and Tuesday. I greatly fear that my winning streak might bust. Hence, this post in the middle of the week- for boosting my mood and will power! [I have also put away the bag of chips in a dark corner of the pantry where it will be hard to access!]

With great hopes,

Stay warm and healthy!


Working onChallenges 

For this week, I took the first step toward my reading goal. And that was adding my goal of 12 books to Goodreads 2017 Challenge.

The very display of 0 books made me yearn to get started and conquer this challenge right away! A small step, true, but already spurring me on! 👍

What steps are you taking to reach your milestones?


The New Year has begun and it is time for making fresh resolutions. 

Sharing resolutions publicly is not easy for me, but that is what this blog is all about- rising to the challenges of everyday life!

My resolutions for the year are: 

  • Read 12 books this year. 
  • Post every week on this blog.
  • No more than two unhealthy items in a week. (Trying to fashion my health Goal as per SMART techniques.)

I had deliberated on many more goals but felt these were my long term ones and those that I really want to shoot for. Getting better at organization, introducing preschooler to more veggies and cooking, being more mindful are also on my list. But I do not have a plan right now to execute them. So, I am cutting myself slack and simply content with giving myself all of January to devise an action plan to try them out.

So these are my goals and plans for the year. Wishing everyone luck on their goals and hopes for the  year ahead! Ciao!

Planning for 2017

I watched Laura Vanderkam’s TED talk today and am inspired to act on it. It will be a grand and useful challenge to imagine next year and act on future goals.

While I am still pondering on my resolutions and challenges for next year, her simple exercise seems a great way to outline my goals and set priorities.

Do watch the video and share your steps to plan for the future and set goals in the comments below.

Books Wishlist

For this week, am sharing my wish list of books to read. As ever, stored in a Note on my phone, it’s a handy, ever growing list of books that I read about of heard or got recommended and would eventually like to read. So here goes my list of books to read:
1. The Well Spoken Woman- Jahnke

2. Stand Out- Dorie Clark

3. Reinventing You- Dorie Clark

4. The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up- Marie Kondo

5. I Know How She Does It – Laura Vanderkam

6. 168 Hours- Laura Vanderkam

7. The Barefoot Executive- Carrie Wilkerson

8. The Art of Social Media- Guy Kawasaki

9. Pivot- Adam Markel

10. Accidentally in Love- Nikita Singh

Driving – 2!

Yayy! I did it! I passed the road test and will get my license soon in the mail!

I am so excited that I overcame obstacles- real and self-imposed, stayed optimistic, kept trying and finally did it. It makes me feel more confident about facing the road again- both for driving and for life. I feel better equipped to tackle more challenges and tougher situations. So, all those lovely people reading, stay committed, stay cheerful and pave new ways!

Also, a very Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there! (It’s not Mother’s Day yet in the USA but has begun where my mommy lives: back in India; so, let the celebrations begin!)


Okay, I am officially announcing my failure! Not an easy thing to do! But this blog is about challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zones.

Okay, let me do it!

I flunked! Horribly! On my driver’s road test. 

It feels awful. And completely mortifying. I have half a mind to dally for a fortnight more after which I shall not be eligible for a road test (visa requirements) and put off the entire thing. Seriously! I almost feel like doing it- I am so upset. 

Almost thirty and failing a road test feels extremely stupid and shameful! (Despite the fact, that I stayed in a place where 85% people use public transport or walk for twenty five of those years!) 

But, I am determined to push myself. I always get nervous at the wheel and so, blundered at the test. But with more practice, more positive talk, I am convinced I am going to pass. (I have driven in one of the most populous cities of the world and never harmed a single living being- both two legged and four legged varieties, so I should be fine)

With a determined spirit, off to practice! Have a lovely week ahead!