Resolutions : Quarterly Update

This post is the quarterly update on the Year’s Goals. Now, my Resolutions for 2017 were:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.45.03 PM

2017 Resolutions

As of today, I have finished reading three books. These are listed on my Books- 2017 Page. Hurrah! I am well on track!

I have managed to add my thoughts every week on this blog as my posting activity shows:

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Posting Activity from WordPress Stats

I managed to steer clear of unhealthy items even during T’s birthday. I even staved off desserts when our friends came over this weekend and we had fun hosting multiple get-togethers and social dos.

Until this week!

What with the snowing, late hours for Hubs and fussiness of my adorable preschooler, it seems like I am using chips as a mood booster! Sure, they are Kettle Cooked, Wavy, and Delicious! But, still unhealthy! It seems like I simply cannot summon any more willpower after holding my patience and words with T. I have indulged twice already: Monday and Tuesday. I greatly fear that my winning streak might bust. Hence, this post in the middle of the week- for boosting my mood and will power! [I have also put away the bag of chips in a dark corner of the pantry where it will be hard to access!]

With great hopes,

Stay warm and healthy!


Driving – 2!

Yayy! I did it! I passed the road test and will get my license soon in the mail!

I am so excited that I overcame obstacles- real and self-imposed, stayed optimistic, kept trying and finally did it. It makes me feel more confident about facing the road again- both for driving and for life. I feel better equipped to tackle more challenges and tougher situations. So, all those lovely people reading, stay committed, stay cheerful and pave new ways!

Also, a very Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there! (It’s not Mother’s Day yet in the USA but has begun where my mommy lives: back in India; so, let the celebrations begin!)