Travel & Adventure

Our road trip cum family vacation have begun which means I am doing loads of challenges:

  • Eating healthy- lots of treats consumed 
  • Getting vegetarian options. Since I do not eat eggs, meat, fish, chicken in any form; my choices are limited at restaurants. Then, I have to think about hitting all the food groups.
  • T’s food: I confess, she has had a few more treats than necessary.
  • Not being stressed- tough with sticking to a preschooler’s schedules
  • My lack of confidence in driving: with our rental car being enormous, it’s even more difficult for me.
  • T’s mild motion sickness: not too severe but enough for us to be cautious

But there are good parts too:

  • We mostly ate in. So, we got healthy food with portions I could control
  • We packed plenty of healthy snacks. Nuts and multi grain crackers have kept me from devouring too many unhealthy alternatives. (Yup, I did pack a lot of junk! ūüėź)
  • T sleeps in the car, so her early rising and afternoon naps are compensated. And she’s sleeping not too long past bedtime.
  • Since car times are also naps, T’s  health is ok. Touch Wood!
  • Bonus: I read a book, courtesy my SIL. Yayy!
  • All the places we went had at least one strict vegetarian option on the menu, that included protein and veggies. So far, so good!
  • I have driven our seemingly gigantic car and have lived to tell the tale! So, definitely not an issue of grave (pardon the pun) concern any longer! 

I also realized again that life is indeed full of little troubles and challenges that make us feel helpless, clueless and troubled! But in the same vein, life is filled with many moments of little joys and tiny triumphs! And these are what need to be cherished, remembered and drawn upon when we feel low or inadequate! 

On that optimistic note, Adieu until next week! Be happy and healthy! 


Driving – 2!

Yayy! I did it! I passed the road test and will get my license soon in the mail!

I am so excited that I overcame obstacles- real and self-imposed, stayed optimistic, kept trying and finally did it. It makes me feel more confident about facing the road again- both for driving and for life. I feel better equipped to tackle more challenges and tougher situations. So, all those lovely people reading, stay committed, stay cheerful and pave new ways!

Also, a very Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there! (It’s not Mother’s Day yet in the USA but has begun where my mommy lives: back in India; so, let the celebrations begin!)


Okay, I am officially announcing my failure! Not an easy thing to do! But this blog is about challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zones.

Okay, let me do it!

I flunked! Horribly! On my driver’s road test. 

It feels awful. And completely mortifying. I have half a mind to dally for a fortnight more after which I shall not be eligible for a road test (visa requirements) and put off the entire thing. Seriously! I almost feel like doing it- I am so upset. 

Almost thirty and failing a road test feels extremely stupid and shameful! (Despite the fact, that I stayed in a place where 85% people use public transport or walk for twenty five of those years!) 

But, I am determined to push myself. I always get nervous at the wheel and so, blundered at the test. But with more practice, more positive talk, I am convinced I am going to pass. (I have driven in one of the most populous cities of the world and never harmed a single living being- both two legged and four legged varieties, so I should be fine)

With a determined spirit, off to practice! Have a lovely week ahead!

So many Challenges…!

It seems that this month is full of challenges- big and small, accidental and self-inflicted. A run-down in my favorite form of posting- a list:

My current challenges are:

  • to complete 2016 seconds of micro-volunteering. A quarter of the year passed almost a month back and I am yet to come even close to the end. Sigh!
  • finishing 10K words for CampNaNoWriMo. 10K is a self-imposed deadline but am on only halfway there! Yikes!
  • learning to drive. My instructor has told me that I shall pass if I keep focussed. I do admit, driving in US is way easier than India. But I have not driven regularly anywhere, thanks to amazing and cheap public transport. So, I do have loads of self-doubts.
  • finishing a coding project¬†I started at the beginning of the month. I simply have not been able to get a large enough chunk of time to sit and code.
  • exercising properly thrice a¬†week. This week has been so bad I only could do two minute stretched several times a day. I have cut myself some slack though and comforted myself with trudging up an down staircases with the happy toddler. (she loves staircases)
  • Finishing the book I started to read- ‘Game Changers in Education’. I did finish reading Bozi Dar’s Promoted.

Well, lots to do, lots to achieve. Have  a successful weekend folks!