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Lego Toy Store: Imagineering

Lego Toy Store: Imagineering


Lego Challenge

It seems like I my days/weeks nowadays are stuck in a Lego challenge!

Here’s what I do in this unsurprising but life-imposed challenge:

  • Build novel items from Legos- no repeats allowed
  • Keep track of Legos, Duplo sets, Mega Blocks and so on.
  • Constantly keep the family uninjured from aforementioned Legos
  • Attempt but not successfully to keep myself from stepping on said pieces
  • Think of ways to incorporate lessons while playing Legos since we seem to be playing most of the time with them
  • Guess correctly what T’s creation is or state an even more appealing answer
  • Get creative on playdates to prevent fights over who gets what blocks
  • Supply fascinating examples/ models of what you can build with the blocks each kid has!
  • Try to stop Legos from taking over the house! (moderate success!!! Yay!!)

Wish me luck folks and share your tips to help me win this Challenge!