Looking Forward

This week’s post is all about the stuff coming in the week ahead  that I am excited about. As usual, here is my list: 

  • Spring Break: no school. No mad rushed mornings or prodding the preschooler to hurry up (aka partner with me in my hasty bloopers)
  • Packing: we will be shifting apartments soon. These vacation days mean I can focus on packing a lot of items. 
  • Decluttering: Shifting means packing. The first step to that is taking inventory. What better time to declutter for once and for all? I am looking forward to getting rid of old, useless, broken, unwanted , forgotten items.
  • Birthday: Hubs celebrates his birthday next week. While we shall keep it simple and low key, this is definitely an event to get excited about.
  • Crafts and Creativity: Holidays are synonymous with arts and crafts for T and me. With decluttering will emerge many waste items that can be turned into cute crafts. Hurrah!

So, what are you looking forward to, with the onset of spring? 

Enjoy the weekend! Adieu!  


    Alphabet Time

     While attempting to reinforce alphabet recognition, this is a repurposed game that T and I made ourselves.

    We used an old alphabet page, cut up the letters (scissor practice is a pre-writing skill) and placed them in this chocolate box.

      Now we do letter recognition as well as matching upper case and lower case alphabets. 

    While not exactly original or wonderful, activities like these help pass time (especially in winters) while having fun and being educational! Plus, the actual creation of something useful from waste/ unused items itself is so enjoyable! Win win! 
    On that happy note, enjoy the weekend folks! 

    Declutter- 6

    This week ToddlerT and I made some book sleeves based on a blogpost I read. I do not remember whose it was, so unable to give credit. Hopefully, the source shall come to me in a while.

    Anyway, we made the book sleeves and ToddlerT’s books are now proudly on display and within her reach. Plus, putting them away is super easy too! A system that works, even if it is not beautiful is what I am shooting for. (After learning a lesson from last week 4). Yayy! Less clutter, less work.

    P.S.: Under this dressing table is its stool, upturned to make a cute cubbie for my cookbooks.