Mute Mondays



TimeChallenge and more… 

Today is the last day of Laura Vanderkam’s 168 hours challenge. I joined her Challenge this week and am happy to be following along again. I had joined last year too and found it to be immensely insightful. With the new school year and new schedules, I am sure that I shall get many useful insights to improve my time management for the coming months ahead.

As a citizen of today’s super frantic, noisy and distracted world (plus a safe), my free time is indeed like ‘time confetti’  (a term found in Laura’s books on Time Management). So, I try to use my spare Moments wisely. You can read more on that here.

This week, I used my spare moments to make a dent on few treasures in my reading list:

Own The Room

Eat that Frog

Yell Less, Love More

I also re-read a few of my favorite Agatha Christie novels. Plus, I ascertained my personality/ tendency type via Gretchen Rubin’s site and got my personal evaluation. Yay!!! All those minutes here and there really added up.

I can’t wait to analyze my time sheets tomorrow and find vital time chunks to utilize better. Hurray!

On a hopeful and inspired note, it’s adieu until tomorrow’s Mute Monday!

Reading List 

My to-read list keeps growing every time I come across a great find whether by recommendation, at the library or by chancing upon a review/ discussion.

While I don’t expect to finish by the end of the year, here is my list:

These are mostly from my Goodreads Books By Women list. 

I am currently reading a romance novel by Robyn Carr, the ebook ‘Eat That Frog’ and ‘Fail Fast, Fail Often’ in Paperback.

So, what are you reading? Leave me your favorites and recommendations in the comments below.

Outer Layers

Today’s post is in response to the prompt over at Daily Post about what our familiar clothes/ accessories say about us and the associations they hold.

When I pondered over the prompt, I was intrigued by my musings. So, here we go:

  • Spectacles

I wear pink spectacles. My eye wear has always been a little funky. A deliberate deviation from my sensible personality but very much in keeping with my love of bright, bold hues.

  • Chain 

A gift when I went to junior college, it has been my companion all through my twenties and a lucky charm in my third decade.

  • Polished toenails

I stopped growing my nails on my first job. Working long hours before a computer as a software tester chips is not exactly conducive with long nails. Once our bundle of joy was born, I stopped painting my nails as well. First it was my fright of the smell harming her, then it was an unnecessary distraction that kept her from nursing. 

But never once did I stop painting my nails. While I did stop reaching for the flashy shades after my teen years, I always kept my toe nails nice and colored. My mom painted my toes even when I was pregnant with T and could not reach them! 

  • Handkerchiefs

I always carry one. As a kid I would carry two, just in case the first got soiled. After T was born, baby wipes have been my handy hack for everything. Color stains, oily skin, dirty surfaces, they are perfect for everything. 

What do your comfortable clothes and favorite accessories say about you?