I wrote about my current challenges last week in which I mentioned trying to increase my positivity score.

For the past week, I have been recording my details every day and this is what my graph looks like:


Positivity Score

Positivity Score

Despite my best efforts, my score never went past three. 😞 3-11 is the ideal range for a happy, challenging, inspired life.

After the first few days, I tried to increase my positive score by doing fun activities, reading my favorite books, hanging out with friends and increasing my outdoor adventures. Hence, the steady increase.

But it still stayed under 3.0.

So, I have been trying to figure out ways to improve my overall positivity score and here are some strategies I am employing to accomplish the same:

  • Reading: my favorite hobby
  • Sleeping better
  • Staying outdoors / going out : fun for T and me
  • Studying as it makes me feel confident and alert
  • reading inspirational material
  • Meeting friends
  • Making crafts : keeps T and me both engaged and alert

I am also trying to gauge if my frame of mind: optimistic, dull, neutral while attempting the test sways my score. I feel a happier state makes me recall the wins of the previous 24 hours better while undermining any irritants and annoyances. The converse too might hold true. Let’s see! I will be trying to read happy/ inspiring articles before I take the test for the next ten days. It will be interesting to find out how I fare.

Do leave me any helpful suggestions or tips you might have. Have a splendid week ahead!

Current Challenges

This week’s post is about the current challenges of my life:

  • Schooling

School is out but teaching/ schooling never ends for a parent. So, I am trying to teach T at least an hour about world, nature, science, literature, Indian arts and traditions (since we are in Chicago; want her to know her roots as well)

  • Positivity

After reading Daniel Pink’s book, I am hooked on the concept of Positivity ratio. I even took the Positivity Test and found mine to be less than the ideal 3:1 ratio. I am determined to attempt it everyday for two weeks along with deliberate efforts to increase my mindfulness and positive mood.

  • Reading

While I am well past my Goodreads Challenge for 2017; I am trying to keep the pace up. Of course, easier said than done, with so multiple projects in my life right now. This is where every minute counts and synchronized readers come into play. Fingers crossed!

  • Camp NaNoWriMo

I am a participant in 2017 with a target of 10K words. I am still under 1K. So, this is something, I am trying hard to keep up with. The problem is not the words but fear of content. The stories in my mind are really close to my heart and just the thought of setting it to paper is making me feel too vulnerable to write. But I hope to conquer this fear and accomplish my target.

  • Personal Projects

This month, I am completing a MOOCs and doing a pro bono website design project. Hence, I have a full plate on time and creativity and coding front. [= no time but lots of positivity 🙂 ]

Who says ordinary lives are simple or boring? 🙂

Spare Moments – 2

I last wrote about Spare Moments here. This week I am adding my current activities in those spare moments. Like everyone knows, a few minutes here and there can add up to quite a bit. If used judiciously, they can be directed to completing small tasks of large projects.

So, below is my list of spare moment activities:

  • Read ‘To Sell is Human’
  • Peruse Twitter 
  • Complete reading articles from Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, HBR that I have saved on my reading list.
  • Squats and stretches (not too often though)
  • Complete any super short task on my to-do list (if any)
  • Clear a corner or surface (plentiful of mess in our bustling home☺)
  • Answer a survey for charity on surveymonkey.com

Beginning July, I shall also be working on a novel draft as a Camp NaNoWriMo participant. Hooray! 

So, what are you spending your spare time on? Have a great week ahead!

Mute Mondays


All about perspective
In this picture, my focus was on my little angel and hers on tiny hare on the grass. On that gorgeous evening, I noticed that most grown ups, like me, barely noticed the rabbit but all kids did! True, adults have pressing more serious matters to contend with; but it occurred to me that we can all take a few moments to enjoy the beauty and wonder around