52 Weeks of Avantika: Week 2


Creativity at Work: Peppa Pig Pretend Play


My admiration and pride in the little one’s imagination, creativity is directly proportional to my own energy.

I have been known to:

  • Fall asleep while watching/ playing
  • Turn around and roll my eyes at having to be a spectator… again
  • Wonder how Grandmas can genuinely get wowed by this
  • Get frustrated at the loss of one of the Peppa Pig family members and the consequent hunt that I must necessarily take an active part in

Well, that’s reality.


I recently got this tip fo surviing watching Lego-Pretend Play sessions from a Fellow Chicago Mom.

Dab loads of moisturizer on your hands.

[Nail polish on your nails works too unless you have you envisage a meltdown for ‘I-want-painted-nails-too’!]

Why It Works?

  • First of all. DISCLAIMER. You won’t get out of having to watch. But it will make the viewing a tad less frustrating. Plus, you get nice, smooth hands despite the winter and cleaning grubby hands, faces, noses, dishes, etc.
  • The kiddo won’t want cream anywhere near there precious possessions. So, you just have to watch, no helping needed, no conversations on how ‘you-did-it-wrongly’.
  • You can direct. Or enjoy some calm. Your wish.
  • If the play does not go satisfactorily, just threaten with cream on the toys.
  • If it further derails, pretend you’re a monster and chase the child with cream. Chases are always a hit. Grab and go. Bonus if you can get your kid moisturized too.

Project 52 Weeks of Avantika:

This post is part of my 52 Weeks of Avantika. I add a quote or picture. And then write my thoughts about how the image that the quote/ photo portrays is far from reality. And what real life looks like.

This concept is based on my book ‘365 Days of F(IB)B-ING‘ and is my way of spreading awareness about how life is not just a still snapshot but rather a mosaic of events and range of emotions. 



Hello Again & Project Avantika

If you read my last post a while back, you must be wondering how I am Back! Well, I could not keep away from my baby of 4 years.

While the reasons still hold good, I thought I could limit myself to a single short post. After four years, I crave the joy of overcoming my everyday challenges and trivial annoyances.

So, after much deliberation I thought I should start “Project Avantika“! Like the habit of the heroine of my novel [365 Days of F(ib)B-ing], Avantika, I shall add a cutesy photo or inspiring quote. Then, I will add a short text about what the untold story of that photo is including gory details. Or if it is a quote, how far my reality is from the mentioned slogan. All this for 52 weeks (a whole year) straight.

After reading so many inspiring books this year, I am all excited to adopt the ‘Reframe the Context‘ techniques touted by so many authors. Basically when we distance ourselves from a negative thought or event and adopt an opposing view or optimistic perspective and recount it,  we can see the silver lining. While my life is much better than most, daily annoyances do pile up and skew the most cheerful of outlooks. So, I thought why not try it? No harm in trying. 🤔

While New Year is always a good point for fresh beginnings, I am taking a leaf out of one of my favorite authors. As Laura Vanderkam puts it, a Wednesday will do just as well as Monday or Sunday. Hence, sharing my resolve on a Wednesday.

I will officially commence posts related to the project on Dec1st. Please do encourage me as you have in the past (I missed you guys!) and maybe even join me in the journey!

To new beginnings! Dasvidaniya!

Good Friday, New Year, Vishu & more

Greetings everyone! It’s Good Friday! And Tamil New Year and Vishu for people from the southern part of India! While the actual significance and customs are very different, it is a special day for so many people! So, here’s wishing everyone peace, good health and prosperity!

I am making some sweet dishes and praying as part of our traditions. But more importantly, I will be spending the day specially thanking God for His many blessings! I try to count my blessings every day but on special occasions, I sit down at the altar in our home and thank the Lord properly!

On that humbled and grateful note, Adieu! Enjoy the weekend ahead!

Cleaning and Cooking

This post is a short and sweet recount of the week.

Cooking has been a major activity this week- I made home made fajitas the other night complete with a black bean side, cooked corn and everything. Thankfully, everyone loved it! Even my cauliflower and dal fry recipe with rotis- simple and filling was  a hit! Plus, I made ghee and will be making sweets and savories for Diwali. (after this post).

Plus, I have been doing loads of cleaning and clearing to welcome Fall and Diwali- the Indian Festival of Lights! It has been a little tougher with cooking so much- but, we thrive on challenges!

And with that, Happy Diwali! Enjoy the weekend!

Week 21 & 22

Travelling, feasting and attending ceremonies- a fortnight of intensely packed schedules and all the activities listed at first have given this blogger a really hoarse throat, a terrible cold and worse headache. Hence, the delay in posting the weekly updates. I think I shall go on a fruit diet immediately to detox my body. My healthy diet has gone for a toss, my time and schedule haywire and socialising inclination nil.  Hmph! Adding to my woes is an extremely horrible internet connection and a change of OS on my machines. Ugh!

Anyway, here are the highlights:

Back in mumbai at parent’s place

Our friends’ were blessed with a beautiful baby gal

Met my hubby’s governess last week and showed her our little angel

ToddlerT now says ‘I Love You’! hurray!

Our weekly topic:

I am waiting for PM Modi’s free wi-fi promise to take off. Not because I want freebies but because that will certainly pave the way for better Internet connections and less frustrating experiences. With  that, I am going to end this post and concentrate my efforts on posting this little snippet of weekly thought. Bubye!

Week 20

Great things:
Attended my bro’s wedding ( cousin ) and met the entire gang of cousins.
The wedding was at Bangalore, where my Hubby used to stay before we got married. So, it was fun hearing him reminisce about his time in the city.
ToddlerT went on her first train journey. It was not as bad as we feared, thank God!!

Today I would like to talk about mommy cribbing. At the aforementioned wedding, a bunch of mommies, all sisters by blood or marriage including me were taking about the the dark side of being a mommy. All with the only intent of garnering sympathy from others who have been there, doing that. It felt good to let off steam, but no, I could see dirty glances and rolling eyes for some time after our conversation from other older people. Why is it that our society that does not give a second thought to gossipping, office politics, to cribbing and complaining about the world in general but has to frown down on personal conversations between mothers when they are talk about their children’s misdemeanors? Every child has been a brat at some point or the other, there is no harm in discussing it amongst intimate well wishers, us there? I wish it would change and hopefully, next time we see harassed mommies rueing yet another of their children’s antics, we shall not have to suffer silent contemptuous treatment. With a silent prayer for that day to come sooner ( ‘coz kids are not going to change).
Take care. Have a great week ahead. Ciao.

Week 19

Another week has flown past and it is time for the updates.

The great things that happened:
1. Had a great Darshan at the temple courtesy my grandfather who is a performing priest.
2. We went shopping for the little one and I have to reiterate how awesome it is to purchase apparel for toddler girls and women in general. ( though a little tough to actually get them to stay still to get dressed)
3. ToddlerT has befriended the neighborhood cow and feeds it fresh grass every day. The timid cow is now so used to it that it actually arrives promptly at the same time daily, looking for our little angel to give it breakfast. Cute!

For this week, I would like to talk about the importance of grandparents and friends in improving children’s vocabulary. I am quite impressed with ToddlerT’s expansive vocab now that she is surrounded by an army of grandparents, grand uncles and aunts. She is learning new words, a dozen a day at least. Yayy! Soon, I shall have another chatterbox in the family.

With that, it’s adieu from India. Namaste