Wardrobe Challenge

It is the start of March and what better than to post the details of Feb’s Wardrobe Challenge. [The original challenge can be found here]

I have to admit, with T’s cold, a horrid Aunt Flo this month and swiftly changing weather, this short month was very challenging! But, I am forever optimistic. Plus, I learnt a few lessons- more on that in the next post. (Hurrah for content and ideas!)Wardrobe Challenge- Details

My previous posts on Wardrobe Challenges can be found here.


Wardrobe Challenge

Hello February! Starting January 1st, I resumed the Wardrobe Challenge and here are the results:

 These are my observations:

  • I do have enough clothes. So, I feel blessed.
  • Finally, I can throw away my old, ill-fitting clothes and those that need mending. No regrets, since I tried them and now know exactly how ill fitting or irreparable they are!
  •  My jeans are all ripping at the knees thanks to chasing and playing and scooting after my active preschooler. So, shopping is on the cards for cheap and sturdy jeans! 👍
  • I actually mixed and matched outfits and found some great pairs.
  • While I only shop for items I am sure  of, I realized that I have been experimenting a little with my style to embrace turning thirty and being a little girlie’s mom. It is delightful and exciting to discover new looks and changes that are more in tune with this phase of life.

With that, it is off to research Jeans that will survive hectic motherhood!😎

Wardrobe Challenge – March 2016

Hello Dear Readers,

I am back agin with my list of Attire for the month. I slipped us this month. Twice I wore the same T, albeit with different jeans and accessories and hairdos. And 17th, I neither noted what I wore nor do I remember. Sigh!

But still, having fun with this challenge especially as I chucked away a lot of my ill-fitting, need-repair clothes into a suitcase to review later. I shall get around to them later with a six month deadline. If they are still in that suitcase, I shall just drop off the good ones at a donation center.


Enjoy the weekend! And Thanks for reading!

Wardrobe Challenge- Jan & Feb ’15

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have joined the Wardrobe Challenge again this year. Yippee!

I have been keeping tabs on what I have been wearing since the new year commenced. So, I followed it religiously all of Jan. Then, came a lapse in Feb when ToddlerT suffered a cold and I caught it as well. But, I am happy to note that I still did follow the challenge. So, what if I did not note it down. It is the spirit that counts after all. Anyway, here is the list. It probably does not make for very good reading but the point is that I am on the challenge and undeterred for the past ninety six days. Hurrah!
Here’s to continuing the streak all year long!

Wardrobe Challenge

I’m taking up the Wardrobe Challenge again this year.

With toddler T turning three, I thought it would be fun to discover the joys of dressing! I cannot claim to be very fashion conscious or even stylish but I do believing in dressing for myself. With a newborn or even infant toddler, I had ditched a lot of clothes and fabrics but hopefully no more.

So, time to say hello to:

Embroidery/ hand crafted embellishments (Discarded for beinghoking hazard for curious babies)

Khadar, cotton mix (too abrasive for baby soft skin)

Rings and bangles (no pointy/ prickly while holding a baby/ toddler in my arms)

Slinky, velvety fabrics (Vulnerable to Wardrobe Malfunctions with curious, roving toddler hands around)

Danglers, long earrings (No more pulling)

I have been noting my attire, so the lists shall be the content of my next post!

Until then, Happy Dressing! And a very Happy International Women’s Day!!




Wardrobe Challenge – 4

22. Orange Formal Top + Jeans, golden studs

23. Blue Stripes T + Jeans, silver studs

24. Green JCP T + Jeans, silver studs

25. Black MS T + Jeans

26. BrownYellow Dress top + Jeans, golden earrings

27. Green Formal top + Black Pants, golden earrings

28. Black Active T + Jeans, golden earrings

29. Gray dress top + Jeans , Golden earrings

For the last four days, I’ve worn the same pair of earrings. But, that’s also because I’ve run out of earrings. But happy that I used all my different earrings – even the studs that I rarely use (I prefer danglers or drops). Ok- I’ll be honest. I have one huge dangler that I did not use. But that is only so ToddlerT does not wrench them off along with my ears attached. (She love them too!) It’s a bright orange and green that she simply adores. But other than that single pair I am glad to say I used everything. As for dresses, it was becoming increasingly difficult not to just yank on those oft used clothes but I am so delighted I could persist. In fact, that is one of the reasons I wore so many blackish outfits in the last few days. I seem to have so many black Tees, tops – it’s silly. No more black or stripes in my next purchases. Which brings me to the next point, I need to rid myself of a lot of clothes- ill- fitting, out-of-date and a few that are simply too childish and certainly not meant for a mommy [left over from my pre-mommy days simply because they fit!! 😦 ]

Anyway, I had so much fun in this challenge- shopping in my wardrobe and discovering that I need to appreciate it a bit more even as I need to change it a bit. Thanks again Julia for your awesome challenge.

Wardrobe Challenge -3

13. Blue Baggy T + jeans, crystal studs

14. Orange-violet Salwar Kameez , Flower earrings

15. Blue jeans, Brown dress collar top

16. Blue Jeans + StJohns Top

17. Green Top, Jeans

18. RedWhite T, Brown Jeans, RedWhite earrings

19. Yellow T, Jeans

20. Blue Dress top, Jeans

21. Colored VNeck Salwar Kameez, grey earrings