Mute Mondays

 All about perspective 
In this picture, my focus was on my little angel and hers on tiny hare on the grass. On that gorgeous evening, I noticed that most grown ups, like me, barely noticed the rabbit but all kids did! True, adults have pressing more serious matters to contend with; but it occurred to me that we can all take a few moments to enjoy the beauty and wonder around

Food Challenge- Again

Vacations are here and what with our trips planned to Disney and more- curving snack bingeing is going to be my biggest challenge for the rest of the month. 

I am hoping all the walking in Florida and during our road trip in the East Coast will offset some potential damage. I am also planning to pack plenty of healthy snacks like cheese sticks, fruits… 

hoping to stay healthy!!!! Tips and suggestions welcome!

Good Friday, New Year, Vishu & more

Greetings everyone! It’s Good Friday! And Tamil New Year and Vishu for people from the southern part of India! While the actual significance and customs are very different, it is a special day for so many people! So, here’s wishing everyone peace, good health and prosperity!

I am making some sweet dishes and praying as part of our traditions. But more importantly, I will be spending the day specially thanking God for His many blessings! I try to count my blessings every day but on special occasions, I sit down at the altar in our home and thank the Lord properly!

On that humbled and grateful note, Adieu! Enjoy the weekend ahead!