Merging and Moving!

Dear Readers of this Post/ Blog,

I am merging this blog with my other blog over at nirupamaprv.


Because :

  • I love blogging but two personal blogs are getting hard to maintain
  • My posts will contain more value and consistency by being in the same space
  • Posting frequency will double
  •  Time and effort I spend preventing duplication can be spent on improving my writing
  • Comments will be accurate.Since, right now my comments appear with my other blog avatar, there will be no confusion.

For the past four years, I’ve had a lot of fun writing about the challenges of everyday life. But, now it’s time for the biggest challenge of my creative side. It’s time for me to stop shuttling between two blog homes and settle down on one. Which means a sad and very reluctant goodbye to this blog. I will continue to blog at nirupamaprv. I write about similar topics on my on this blog- Books, Travel, Parenting, Arts and Crafts with the kiddo, and so on. So, I hope you will join me over there and continue to be bemused by the chronicles of ordinary life and its not-so-ordinary demands and pressures.

Hoping to See you on the Other Blog! Aideu!