Declutter -3

I am trying to do deep cleaning since Fall is officially here as is the cold! As I mentioned in my previous posts, that means getting winter gear out and starting baking regularly!

This week T and I made a Banana cake with whole wheat flour. Simple, healthy stuff that we have been devouring. A fabulous way to eat bananas!

But, in the midst of my decluttering came a tiny issue. I hang our mail and bills in a beautiful 3-pocket hanger and my accessories in a multi-pocket holder (a gift from my thoughtful SIL). I used Command hooks to hang them but they kept falling off! Not by the weight (as I initially assumed) but simply due to our wall. The glue does not adhere well to our painted walls! Which means I now need to find a new home for my stuff. Bummer!

But all is not downhill in my cleaning mission. T and I rearranged our furniture and refreshed our toys. So, that is one major item off my list!

Also, with Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights, to put it simply) comes the tradition of buying new clothes. Since, I have been revamping our wardrobe (still in progress!); it was easy to find a permanent home for the bag of clothes until we don them on Diwali morning!

Next on my list is my kitchen, which usually is difficult, since we do cook a lot. But with Hubby and me gearing up to cook up a storm for Diwali, my motivation is high!

So, it is off to tackle the kitchen and get on with Fall Cleaning! Have a splendid weekend ahead! Toodle-Doo!!



Declutter 2016- 2

This week I cleared my Accessories. I keep them in a hanging multi-pocket accessory display gifted by my SIL for my first Christams in Chicago! A more thoughtful gift I could not have asked for. Unfortunately, with my weakness for danglers and cute rings, the shelf was a clutter nightmare.

So, this week, I ruthlessly I love cleared everything. My steps, painful though they were went something as below:

  • Broken- Trash
  • Studs- Trash ( I like danglers)
  • Unworn in the last one year- Trash
  • Missing screws or a pair (earrings) Trash
  • Too huge or sharp – Trash
  • Mismatched with all outfits; belongs to outfit that is in repair or no longer fits- Trash

With my necklaces, I trashed most since I seldom wear any. I did keep a couple for T to dress up her dolls though.

It did take me great deal of determination to keep from saving everything; but I am happy to report that I was able to clear all my accessories! Wahoo!

Declutter 2016- 1

The year is more than half gone, and I have not posted a single Declutter posts. It’s true- I checked my blog posts. I am surprised since Decluttering and Organizing are my biggest home keeping weaknesses.

But never to late to start, correct? So, I thought- why not resume Decluttering posts. And that is what today’s post is all about- my lessons from previous attempts.

  1. Embrace Myself- There are great systems and methods, books and blogs and entire industries devoted to the art of organizing and cleaning. But they do not all work as is. I have learnt to customize them to suit my unique needs and lifestyles to make them effective.
  2. Just Do It- Start. Now. Making a small dent is better than moaning about the mountain of undone tasks. Period.
  3. Revisit- All systems, however effective, need to be revisited. We change, lives change, new things and activities are added. And that means, systems and we need to adapt. So, look at your tools and processes regularly and tweak as needed.
  4. Done not Perfect- I am not and shall never be a Domestic Goddess. I have realized that I do not need my processes and system to be perfect, just good enough to work.

What lessons did you glean from home-keeping/ organizing in your lives? Do share in the comments section below. I am always keen to hear what works and what did not.

Spring Cleaning-2016

It’s Spring again!

Which means time for Spring Cleaning! This week, I attack all my pain points at once. (including ironing) Thanks to my previous Declutter attempts, it should be an easier task than last year. Plus, with ToddlerT being a little more grown up and better at ‘helping’, spring cleaning ought to be fun (or at least not an ordeal)!

Eager to share my success and photos in my next post. Enjoy the weekend!

(And for those celebrating Easter, have a great time!)

Random Musings

This has been a crazy week. What with the vacation mood hangover of the long weekend, ToddlerT starting school (Young 3’s), potty training, Aunt Flow’s impending arrival, it has been a hectic week. Add to it the chaos of being away for two weeks and the trips on long weekend, my house is one huge mess! I am still trying to keep the untidiness under control while battling for supremacy with my ironing loads AND keeping true to the past declutter challenges. Starting next week, I am hoping to revive the Declutter Challenges. Hopefully, my house and energy levels will have recovered by then.

Until next week, with hope and a host of ambitious goals, Adieu!

Declutter- 10

For this week, I am clearing out my storage closet. I have so many items in it. It looks like I will need two weeks to make it functional. So, for this week, I am simply throwing away unnecessary stuff. Ruthlessly. Be it makeup, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, if they have not been touched for three months- out they go. I am steeling myself as I chuck out shades of eyeshadow I love but never have used. Boo-hoo! This is harder than it seems.

Bravely battling on,


Declutter- 9

Remember, I told you I was clearing out the closet. I did my clothes last week. So, this week, I sorted through toddlerT’s clothes to purge any items she is too big for. Plus, I needed to add all the clothes she received as gifts from pampering grandparents and great grandparents and uncles and aunts and a host of (too complex to explain) relatives.

All her tops and dresses are now on display on their own hangers. [Thank God I always stop Hubby dear from refusing the hangers on kiddie clothes.] Hangers make organizing tiny clothes so easy. Plus, toddlerT is at the stage where she wants to make her own choices; so asking her to ‘select’ her attire for the day spurs her into action for getting ready. Else. it takes ages to get her to comply. Her shorts, trousers, and skirts go into one bin. Another holds her towels and nightwear. All at her eye level so she can grab what she wants. She still has not grasped the concept of opening closet sliding doors; so I am spared messes and clothes strewn all over. (the closet doors mysteriously ope only while she needs a bath! 🙂 ) Her socks again are in our hanging closet, so they are easy to grab. As ever, I choose functionality and ease of use over aesthetics.

T did have quite  a few clothes that needed to be given away. They are now in a big bag ready to be given away to my friend who donates regularly. Yayy! One more project down! Woo-hoo!