Puzzle Time

ToddlerT loves puzzles. She might still be young enough to need lots of help and encouragement, but it is still an activity she enjoys immensely. No surprise then that my Mom got her a few puzzles as a gift.

Among these were some amazing 3D puzzles that are constructed entirely out of punch-out, pre-cut pieces. No glue, no scissors needed. No mess at all! (I loved this part) All we had to do was remove the cut outs and place the pieces on matching numbers. That is it! 

The puzzles come with four boards – one for the base with numbered positions to place the pieces from the other three punch-out sheets. Suitable for kids 3years and up, I loved the time T and I spent assembling and fixing. Plus, T got to use her motor skills and number recognition and object matching techniques as well; so, it was educational. I was impressed that she managed to stay immersed for the entire ninety minutes to assemble the puzzle. (And hugely pleased too!)

The puzzle does take time. Kids will need to be helped and parents (with unwieldy, large fingers like mine) will need patience even when fixing the puzzle themselves. So many little pieces to put together after all!

But the efforts were well worth it, especially since we hardly had any cleaning up and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! 



A birthday…

ToddlerT turns three today! Happy Birthday!

Naturally, I am all excited and hence, will not be writing much. Not because I have a birthday toluene, but because I have been busy savoring my little baby before she becomes a little one. Her babyishness is fast fading and I want to enjoy every moment.

Take care readers and have a fabulous weekend!


Was it just last week, that I was happily chuckling about ToddlerT’s love for Disney? Well, it’s still on! But we are moving to Daddy’s fav activities too! Like sports, and jumping all day and other, more physically demanding activities! Mommy is tired! ALREADY!! 20140613-090244-32564051.jpg

Silver Lining: I am getting my workouts. Like Hubs observed: ToddlerT is my personal trainer, and she is an unrelenting, vigorous, (and merciless, I might add!) and zealous coach!


Baby T!

Baby T coming home from the hospital. Even now, at six months, this is one of my favorites snaps of her- happily dozing and ready to go home.

And how is this relevant to this blog? Well, Motherhood IS a challenge!

Hope I am half as nice a Mommy as mine. 🙂