AudioBook- Own the Room

This week’s challenge has definitely been Own The Room– the wonderful book by Amy Jen Su and Muriel Wilkins. This book was on my Goodreads To-Read list. SO, when I noticed an audiobook version in my library, I borrowed it right away.  And then trouble started.

  • I do not have extensive experience of audio books. This book has tables which I could visualize but not keep up with in the absence of a tangible cue.
  • I listen to audio books while doing mindless tasks like ironing. Not a very good idea as far as this book is concerned. It is a self-help book, that means we need to listen carefully enough to absorb and emulate. Possibly, my visual learning made it hard for me to recall and associate the tables and reference to the ACE model. I know it is Assumptions, Communications and Energy. But, when I listened while multi-tasking, it was hard to recall all three. [Just writing that line makes me feel foolish. I am chanting “I am an Engineer. I have a Bachelors Degree with Distinction. I did an online course from Wharton” as I write to make myself feel better.]

I learned an important lesson in this experience.

Just like some books are to be savored and some skimmed, audio books need differing levels of attention. Sure, all the audio books I finished have been self-help books. But, they were more anecdotal in narration while this was more case study like. Also, two principal characters from the two case studies are carried throughout the book, which I found difficult to keep recalling. The reasons are many: distraction, divided attention, audiobook beginner handicap, preference to the written word and so on. I hope to listen to this book again during the holidays in longer bursts of time. Hopefully,  I shall be able to finish and retain the knowledge that time. Until then, I shall try other audio books and learn lessons from the experience if not the book.

As an aside, I want to add that I finished a third of the book. Up to this part, it was wonderful. I simply enjoyed learning about the ACE model, the four Voice Quadrants and Signature Voice. It was just the process and comprehension that I found difficult.

Have you listened to audiobooks? What were your experiences? Leave me your thoughts and tip sin the comments below.


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