Mute Mondays


All about perspective
In this picture, my focus was on my little angel and hers on tiny hare on the grass. On that gorgeous evening, I noticed that most grown ups, like me, barely noticed the rabbit but all kids did! True, adults have pressing more serious matters to contend with; but it occurred to me that we can all take a few moments to enjoy the beauty and wonder around


Micro Volunteering 

I try to do my bit for various charities. It’s not easy with financial and time constraints. Thankfully, there is micro volunteering. 

SurveyMonkey is one such platform through which you can contribute. I recently learnt about it and here’s the result:

On that positive, upbeat note; it’s adieu for now. Have a great week ahead! 

Read, read, read

Trying to catch up on my reading list even as T and I zealously finish her large stack of books form the library.

I did not neglect my reading too much while on vacation. Read two books, sneaking in my reading in all those spare minutes! I am also using all my disjointed free time to read all I can. What with T’s vacation, family over for holiday; it is a bit tough! But, religiously following the Spare Time  principle. Every page read counts!!

My list is as follows:

  • Asian Efficiency (self-help)
  • Bhima (pseudo-fiction)
  • Think, Write, Grow
  • Back of the Napkin

I am striving to stay disciplined even on the weekend; hopefully the above success will see me through!

Until Monday’s post; Adieu! Have a splendid weekend ahead!