Fortune -Daily Prompt

This post is a response to Daily Prompt: Fortune.

I decided to do a photo post on what thoughts and associations, the word “Fortune” evokes for me:



Unlikely but would definitely be Good Fortune


Indian God of Wisdom and Prosperity: Lord Ganesh. Brings great fortune on all devotees.


My greatest treasure!


Means to amass Fortune

So, what does Fortune mean to you?


Looking Forward

This week’s post is all about the stuff coming in the week ahead  that I am excited about. As usual, here is my list: 

  • Spring Break: no school. No mad rushed mornings or prodding the preschooler to hurry up (aka partner with me in my hasty bloopers)
  • Packing: we will be shifting apartments soon. These vacation days mean I can focus on packing a lot of items. 
  • Decluttering: Shifting means packing. The first step to that is taking inventory. What better time to declutter for once and for all? I am looking forward to getting rid of old, useless, broken, unwanted , forgotten items.
  • Birthday: Hubs celebrates his birthday next week. While we shall keep it simple and low key, this is definitely an event to get excited about.
  • Crafts and Creativity: Holidays are synonymous with arts and crafts for T and me. With decluttering will emerge many waste items that can be turned into cute crafts. Hurrah!

So, what are you looking forward to, with the onset of spring? 

Enjoy the weekend! Adieu!  

    Resolutions : Quarterly Update

    This post is the quarterly update on the Year’s Goals. Now, my Resolutions for 2017 were:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.45.03 PM

    2017 Resolutions

    As of today, I have finished reading three books. These are listed on my Books- 2017 Page. Hurrah! I am well on track!

    I have managed to add my thoughts every week on this blog as my posting activity shows:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.49.49 PM

    Posting Activity from WordPress Stats

    I managed to steer clear of unhealthy items even during T’s birthday. I even staved off desserts when our friends came over this weekend and we had fun hosting multiple get-togethers and social dos.

    Until this week!

    What with the snowing, late hours for Hubs and fussiness of my adorable preschooler, it seems like I am using chips as a mood booster! Sure, they are Kettle Cooked, Wavy, and Delicious! But, still unhealthy! It seems like I simply cannot summon any more willpower after holding my patience and words with T. I have indulged twice already: Monday and Tuesday. I greatly fear that my winning streak might bust. Hence, this post in the middle of the week- for boosting my mood and will power! [I have also put away the bag of chips in a dark corner of the pantry where it will be hard to access!]

    With great hopes,

    Stay warm and healthy!

    Ironing & Me

    If you have been reading this blog regularly, (I hope you have!); you would know that I always lag with my ironing. But this weekend, I decided to conquer it once and for all.

    I spent the mid-mornings of both Saturday and Sunday to get over my never-ending pile of clothes to be ironed. And as a precautionary step: I did my laundry on Saturday dawn, so I would not have a new heap just when I finished my ironing. I am simply delighted to state that I did it! All clothes ironed.

    I did not have to iron anything the whole week: nothing at all.

    Ok, I confess. I had to give T’s jeans and shirt a quick swipe with my iron. But, that was for Preschool Picture Day, and it definitely classifies as special circumstances 🙂

    I must say, the feeling is delightful! I am savoring it all I can; so, next time I can ride this triumphant wave to vanquish my Ironing Stack!

    And yes, I deliberately choose capital letters for my ‘Ironing Stack’ because I am awful at this activity. Not ironing, no! There is always YouTube to teach me the perfect way to press pants and iron shirts. (Yes, there is a difference!) It is staying on top of my ironing chore that I am abysmal at. I often feel that my Bag of Clothes to be Ironed is very much like the ‘Akshay Patra’ of the Hindu mythology, it never seems to get empty. But not this week! Hurrah!

    While ironing does not seem like a topic that warrants a full post, it is March and the time for spring cleaning. Besides, I just am so brimming with joy -much like that bag of washed apparel until last week- that I had to pen my thoughts. Do you find any household chore to be a drag and a bone of contention? If so, leave me a comment, I’d love to chat about other domestic demons. [Ha ha! I am in a such a victorious mood!]

    Be happy and stay warm! Adieu!