Wardrobe Challenge

Hello February! Starting January 1st, I resumed the Wardrobe Challenge and here are the results:

 These are my observations:

  • I do have enough clothes. So, I feel blessed.
  • Finally, I can throw away my old, ill-fitting clothes and those that need mending. No regrets, since I tried them and now know exactly how ill fitting or irreparable they are!
  •  My jeans are all ripping at the knees thanks to chasing and playing and scooting after my active preschooler. So, shopping is on the cards for cheap and sturdy jeans! 👍
  • I actually mixed and matched outfits and found some great pairs.
  • While I only shop for items I am sure  of, I realized that I have been experimenting a little with my style to embrace turning thirty and being a little girlie’s mom. It is delightful and exciting to discover new looks and changes that are more in tune with this phase of life.

With that, it is off to research Jeans that will survive hectic motherhood!😎


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