The New Year has begun and it is time for making fresh resolutions. 

Sharing resolutions publicly is not easy for me, but that is what this blog is all about- rising to the challenges of everyday life!

My resolutions for the year are: 

  • Read 12 books this year. 
  • Post every week on this blog.
  • No more than two unhealthy items in a week. (Trying to fashion my health Goal as per SMART techniques.)

I had deliberated on many more goals but felt these were my long term ones and those that I really want to shoot for. Getting better at organization, introducing preschooler to more veggies and cooking, being more mindful are also on my list. But I do not have a plan right now to execute them. So, I am cutting myself slack and simply content with giving myself all of January to devise an action plan to try them out.

So these are my goals and plans for the year. Wishing everyone luck on their goals and hopes for the  year ahead! Ciao!


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