Challenges- Looking Ahead

This week’s post is about the challenges i am planning for next year. Still undecided, I thought sharing my possible goals for next year (not so far now) would not only be fun but also give me more clarity to take final decisions. 

So, here goes:

  • Reduce sugar in my coffeee and tea- my biggest and possibly only temptation. Ever since turning thirty, I want to be more conscious about my food habits. Plus, I want to set a positive example for T. 
  • Read 12 books
  • Post every week- almost accomplished this year. So, I have hopes for the coming one
  • Keep off screens an hour before bed- my mom is trying this out and I felt it might be a worthy challenge for me as well.
  • Start budgeting. Hubs and I are not spendthrifts- we can hardly be: living on one income. But, I feel after five years of married life, it is high time I start paying closer attention to our finances. Who knows what nuggets I might find to stretch our wallets? Still sitting on this one though!
  • Write another novel. My first one is still unpublished,and that has prevented me from being serious about another one. But, I am beginning to see the merit in starting my second even as I go through the process of finalizing and publishing my first.
  • Stick to the Weekly Diet Guidelines and share my weekly success or failure on this blog. This is a dilemma for me as i am not very particular about logging all my meals. Which is why I am entertaining the thought in the first place. A lot to think about with this challenge as well!

So, what have you planned for the year ahead. Any resolutions? Goals? Share your plans in the comments below and do let me know what you think of mine as well!


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