Sugar Jar

At the beginning of the year, I had written about Sugar Jar– which lists my methods to capture memories.

In this post, I list another method- the Time Sheet. Ever since I started logging my time and relaxing with the insights and accountability, (lessons listed here), I have started feeling great about how much time I actually  spend with T. And it occurred to me, with the addition of comments, these can actually serve as splendid reminders of all the fun things we did!

A great advantage is that, my Sugar jar where I slip little notes about fun memories are not always filled in immediately following our adventures. So, this can serve as a handy reference too! I shall be adding samples next week, for accountability!

Speaking of accountability, I missed filling my timesheet for two weeks now! 😦

What with T being ill and Hubs and visits from friends, there simply was no time. But, since I know our regular schedule, it seemed like I knew how my day would progress with almost 90% accuracy! Hurrah! Plus, the last two days, I napped with T after taking my medicine; so I’d say that was a good bonus!

With that, I turn over the question to you: how do you capture memories? Leave me your tips and techniques in the comments below; I would love to read them!


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