Challenges- Updates

This week’s post is an update on the challenges/ resolutions I have completed:

  • #Challenge2016: Over at the awesome micro-volunteering site, HelpFromHome, I had enlisted for the challenge of doing volunteering activities for 2016 seconds. That is about 34 minutes. Well, I did it and more. So, time to celebrate!
  • As far as offering T healthy food items goes, moderate success there. We have been hitting our weekly food requirements most often. Our major setback came with trip to India. But seeing how she rocked jet lag, culture shock, adjustment to all the people, sounds,food and weather and the melee of weddings and functions, I know I have to let it slide.
  • My working out also took a hit in India. And the festive season of last month also made a dent. But, overall three times a week has been achieved. (With great difficulty, but totally done!)
  • Food logging went on and off, but with mindful eating- my weight has improved. And the workouts did help! fingers crossed for the rest of the year!
  • Blogging- I missed eight posts- five of which were during my India trip. No surprises there- when you have a messing to arrange and spearhead with your in-laws; blogging has to take  the backseat! No excuses for the remaining three! 😦

But the year is far from over. Still eight weeks to go and keep up the good streak up!

GO Cubs GO! (Sorry! Can’t resist the infectious enthusiasm of Cubs Fans!)


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