Declutter -3

I am trying to do deep cleaning since Fall is officially here as is the cold! As I mentioned in my previous posts, that means getting winter gear out and starting baking regularly!

This week T and I made a Banana cake with whole wheat flour. Simple, healthy stuff that we have been devouring. A fabulous way to eat bananas!

But, in the midst of my decluttering came a tiny issue. I hang our mail and bills in a beautiful 3-pocket hanger and my accessories in a multi-pocket holder (a gift from my thoughtful SIL). I used Command hooks to hang them but they kept falling off! Not by the weight (as I initially assumed) but simply due to our wall. The glue does not adhere well to our painted walls! Which means I now need to find a new home for my stuff. Bummer!

But all is not downhill in my cleaning mission. T and I rearranged our furniture and refreshed our toys. So, that is one major item off my list!

Also, with Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights, to put it simply) comes the tradition of buying new clothes. Since, I have been revamping our wardrobe (still in progress!); it was easy to find a permanent home for the bag of clothes until we don them on Diwali morning!

Next on my list is my kitchen, which usually is difficult, since we do cook a lot. But with Hubby and me gearing up to cook up a storm for Diwali, my motivation is high!

So, it is off to tackle the kitchen and get on with Fall Cleaning! Have a splendid weekend ahead! Toodle-Doo!!



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