Welcoming Fall

20131104-193235.jpgOk, Fall began a few weeks ago, but our community’s Fall Decorations went up only yesterday. That means it is time to Welcome Fall!

That means:

  • Fall Cleaning: deep cleaning the entire house
  • House Makeover: Every Season, I move around our furniture and revamp our closet to keep up with a growing child and changing climates.
  • Halloween: Gearing up for Halloween and more importantly, bracing myself for an avalanche of candy and chocolates.
  • Fall Art and Crafts : Fall also ushers in our major Indian festivals. T and I tried our hand for a few arts and crafts last year and discussed festivals, significance and even culture. We both enjoyed it immensely. I am hoping to make it a kind of tradition. (Fingers Crossed!)
  • Gear up for Winter: Unlike Hubs and T, I am not a big fan of cold weather. In Windy City, I start bracing myself for the coming cold from Fall season- Youtube Scarf & Cloak Fashion Videos, I am coming!!!
  • Renewing Friendships: Since Winter is Coming, I start renewing all the acquaintances that temporarily wane with summer (trips, holidays, etc.). After all, winters mean stay at home (did I mention I am not a fan of cold) and that means boredom. Playdates are the perfect antidotes for kids and mommies alike, so, most of my friends with kids start coming over more often right around Halloween and continue all the way up to Summer. (when our schedules clash but the absence makes our hearts grow fonder?!!)
  • Baking & Frying: Nothing like a warm kitchen and piping, hot food on a chilly day! This time marks the onset of regular baking and frying for me. I am delighted because I’ve taught T to measure and pour carefully, which means we can bake and cook together. (Only safe stuff though!)

So, what does Fall entail for you? Have a good weekend and stay safe!



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