168 Hours Challenge- Eye Openers

I am on my 3rd week of time tracking. And it has given me quite a few eye opening revelations.

  • Housework:
    • Doing housework in the evenings, including cooking, works better for me, as I actually do it a bit more efficiently. Assigning morning or afternoon time slots for such activities is like entering a time warp for me. One task leads to another and I simply never get anything completely done.
    • Mindless housework slows me down. Clubbing it with listening to inspirational videos quickens me up. Later, the rush of having used my time efficiently, aids me to get more work done. This was a big win!
  • Sleep:
    • I do sleep enough. I had previously thought the opposite.
    • On the same subject, finishing my food prep for lunch the previous evening helps me sleep better. The reason is simple: I don’t worry while going to bed about oversleeping or having a rushed morning the next day. Bonus: My mornings are more streamlined as I am not thinking about what to cook or how best to cram too many activities in too little time.
  • Emails:
    • Checking emails sucks me into surfing. Except in the mornings- when I am more brutally prioritizing about it.
  • Grooming/ Getting Ready:
    • Showering in the morning before I drop T at school makes my day more productive. (I think it has more to do with my feeling accomplished and the winning vibes that accompany this small success.)
    • Also, having T and my outfits ironed and ready helped save time not only in wondering what to wear but also limit T’s choices. (I have started limiting T from choosing her dresses for school because we never agreed on accessories and colors and stuff. So, she gets to decide and linger over her wardrobe after she comes home and needs to change. 🙂 )
  • Time Logs:
    • Logging time multiple times keeps me accountable. So, I make better choices when it comes to what activities I spend my time on.

Watch out this space for more lessons and hacks once I complete a month of time logging! Until then, please do share your tips for efficient time management and productivity hacks! Have a great weekend!


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