Healthy Habits

As anyone reading this blog knows, I am always trying to adopt healthy habits- as regards  food, physical activity, choices. With T going to preschool from next week, I thought it time to introduce the concept of food groups. She has slowly started understanding the concept of healthy though embracing it wholly will take time (3 year olds are not ready for such lofty expectations). What with her grandpa teaching her all about gardening and growing herbs and vegetables, she has become more aware of foods and their sources. 

And so enter art and nutrition inspired by :

 This sheet took us almost an hour to make! Yes, because I tried to teach T what I was writing and how much each measure has to be and examples of items in each group. For the past two weeks, we have been carefully placing the cute magnets to denote where we are on our daily requirements. 

basic food tracking using paper and magnets

Food Tracking

I confess- we do not track on weekends. Oh, and the top magnet we made ourselves! WooHoo! 

Now for my tracking. I use MyFitnessPal app – free version for tracking my food. I have been a fairly regular user but regretfully, just do not bother with food tracking when I am in India. But, to set T an example – or rather lead by example, I made my own. 


paper food tracker - daily

food tracker – daily

As can be seen, didn’t work out when guests arrived! So, today, we made yet another art work for Mommy’s health which looks like this:
weekly paper food tracker

weekly paper food tracker

And now, let the healthy choices begin. Do comment below to share your tips to introducing kids to the concept of healthy foods and choices. Have a great weekend. 


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