Diet & Fitness Hacks

Ever since I got back from India, my resolve to eat healthier and get rid of a growing (yikes!!)  pooch belly has become intense. But with a rambunctious toddler who is till on summer vacation, it has been a little hard. Enter life hacks that I am right now using: (suggestions and tips most welcome!!)

  • 20 minute Nature walks with toddler : Science & nature lesson for T and exercise for both of us.
  • Ball Tossing: T and I toss our kiddie basketball into the hoop and try to grab each other’s ball. Despite my lack of sporting capabilities, we have fun and laugh a lot. (Yay! Extra calorie burn). This however is a weekly activity.
  • Fruits and veggies in the morning : Mornings and early afternoons are hectic and it feels like I am constantly battling the urge to snack. So, I keep cups of cut fruits and nuts at hand to chomp with a glass of water. So, I can eat heavier stuff like rice and lentils at night, when I am absolutely beat and spare myself the guilt.
  • Eat in bowls: At night, I make sure am eating in bowls to trick myself into satiety. Plus, frequently getting up to have the next helping is a drag. So, I stop with two helpings.
  • Reordered food servings: I got this hack from MyFitnessPal blog to change the order of adding food to one’s plate. The usual order is carbs, protein, veggies. A better way is to take veggies, protein, and then carbs. The visual filling up of plates tricks the brain into feeling full. Plus, generous helpings of veggies and proteins are less calories and healthier nutrients. Having tried this for a full week, I have to say this works. In conjunction with the previous tip, I can see myself reaching for less food while consuming more of healthier nutrients.
  • Water: Hydration, hydration, hydration! Drinking more water really helps keep those mindless cravings away. Let’s face it: my tummy (and yours) can hold only so much!
  • Early Dinner: I usually delayed my dinner obsessing and supervising over T’s dinner since a hungry kid means a bad night’s sleep for both T and me). But now, I eat first with T getting a reminder verbally and visually that she has to eat. If she’s not eaten with her Dad, I now have more energy to concentrate on getting her to eat! Plus, I neither gobble down food or dally myself. Huge win for both of us.

What other hacks to you use for fitness, diet and exercise? Please do share tips and hacks in the comments below! Have a great weekend!


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