Declutter 2016- 2

This week I cleared my Accessories. I keep them in a hanging multi-pocket accessory display gifted by my SIL for my first Christams in Chicago! A more thoughtful gift I could not have asked for. Unfortunately, with my weakness for danglers and cute rings, the shelf was a clutter nightmare.

So, this week, I ruthlessly I love cleared everything. My steps, painful though they were went something as below:

  • Broken- Trash
  • Studs- Trash ( I like danglers)
  • Unworn in the last one year- Trash
  • Missing screws or a pair (earrings) Trash
  • Too huge or sharp – Trash
  • Mismatched with all outfits; belongs to outfit that is in repair or no longer fits- Trash

With my necklaces, I trashed most since I seldom wear any. I did keep a couple for T to dress up her dolls though.

It did take me great deal of determination to keep from saving everything; but I am happy to report that I was able to clear all my accessories! Wahoo!


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