Declutter 2016- 1

The year is more than half gone, and I have not posted a single Declutter posts. It’s true- I checked my blog posts. I am surprised since Decluttering and Organizing are my biggest home keeping weaknesses.

But never to late to start, correct? So, I thought- why not resume Decluttering posts. And that is what today’s post is all about- my lessons from previous attempts.

  1. Embrace Myself- There are great systems and methods, books and blogs and entire industries devoted to the art of organizing and cleaning. But they do not all work as is. I have learnt to customize them to suit my unique needs and lifestyles to make them effective.
  2. Just Do It- Start. Now. Making a small dent is better than moaning about the mountain of undone tasks. Period.
  3. Revisit- All systems, however effective, need to be revisited. We change, lives change, new things and activities are added. And that means, systems and we need to adapt. So, look at your tools and processes regularly and tweak as needed.
  4. Done not Perfect- I am not and shall never be a Domestic Goddess. I have realized that I do not need my processes and system to be perfect, just good enough to work.

What lessons did you glean from home-keeping/ organizing in your lives? Do share in the comments section below. I am always keen to hear what works and what did not.


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