I am always looking for inspiration for crafts and activities to keep T engaged. And as she transforms from a talkative toddler into a lively, quick and extremely shrewd preschooler, I find myself constantly looking for newer ways to keep her engaged and entertained. 

Visiting my mom’s house with its huge library, I scoured for books that could help me. (My mom stocks many books on parenting and engaging kids of all ages even though her youngest class is high school) It was in this search (extended due to many a book reading stops šŸ˜œ) that I chanced upon an extremely useful  book called ‘The Playskool Toddler’s Busy Play Book’. 

Boasting of more than 500 creative games and activities to keep toddlers busy and happy, I perused it hoping for at least a few that would suit T as she is still on the cusp of becoming a preschooler. I am glad because plenty of activities are not limited to toddler or can be extrapolated to suit older kids as well. While not all activities would be interesting and doing all impractical, I find myself armed with plenty of useful ideas and tips to entertain T and make it teachable moments. 

I always like to combine learning with fun- and now I have been armed with a fresh set of ideas to get ourselves through summer. Hurrah!  



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