This is T’s Mother’s Day gift to me from school.   
Very sweet and amazing. Only it comes with a new challenge- keeping this plant alive and growing it. I have no idea of that. But, I figure I can do it. Akin to motherhood after all!

So, challenge accepted!


Driving – 2!

Yayy! I did it! I passed the road test and will get my license soon in the mail!

I am so excited that I overcame obstacles- real and self-imposed, stayed optimistic, kept trying and finally did it. It makes me feel more confident about facing the road again- both for driving and for life. I feel better equipped to tackle more challenges and tougher situations. So, all those lovely people reading, stay committed, stay cheerful and pave new ways!

Also, a very Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there! (It’s not Mother’s Day yet in the USA but has begun where my mommy lives: back in India; so, let the celebrations begin!)