So many Challenges…!

It seems that this month is full of challenges- big and small, accidental and self-inflicted. A run-down in my favorite form of posting- a list:

My current challenges are:

  • to complete 2016 seconds of micro-volunteering. A quarter of the year passed almost a month back and I am yet to come even close to the end. Sigh!
  • finishing 10K words for CampNaNoWriMo. 10K is a self-imposed deadline but am on only halfway there! Yikes!
  • learning to drive. My instructor has told me that I shall pass if I keep focussed. I do admit, driving in US is way easier than India. But I have not driven regularly anywhere, thanks to amazing and cheap public transport. So, I do have loads of self-doubts.
  • finishing a coding project I started at the beginning of the month. I simply have not been able to get a large enough chunk of time to sit and code.
  • exercising properly thrice a week. This week has been so bad I only could do two minute stretched several times a day. I have cut myself some slack though and comforted myself with trudging up an down staircases with the happy toddler. (she loves staircases)
  • Finishing the book I started to read- ‘Game Changers in Education’. I did finish reading Bozi Dar’s Promoted.

Well, lots to do, lots to achieve. Have  a successful weekend folks!


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