Okay, I am officially announcing my failure! Not an easy thing to do! But this blog is about challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zones.

Okay, let me do it!

I flunked! Horribly! On my driver’s road test. 

It feels awful. And completely mortifying. I have half a mind to dally for a fortnight more after which I shall not be eligible for a road test (visa requirements) and put off the entire thing. Seriously! I almost feel like doing it- I am so upset. 

Almost thirty and failing a road test feels extremely stupid and shameful! (Despite the fact, that I stayed in a place where 85% people use public transport or walk for twenty five of those years!) 

But, I am determined to push myself. I always get nervous at the wheel and so, blundered at the test. But with more practice, more positive talk, I am convinced I am going to pass. (I have driven in one of the most populous cities of the world and never harmed a single living being- both two legged and four legged varieties, so I should be fine)

With a determined spirit, off to practice! Have a lovely week ahead!


So many Challenges…!

It seems that this month is full of challenges- big and small, accidental and self-inflicted. A run-down in my favorite form of posting- a list:

My current challenges are:

  • to complete 2016 seconds of micro-volunteering. A quarter of the year passed almost a month back and I am yet to come even close to the end. Sigh!
  • finishing 10K words for CampNaNoWriMo. 10K is a self-imposed deadline but am on only halfway there! Yikes!
  • learning to drive. My instructor has told me that I shall pass if I keep focussed. I do admit, driving in US is way easier than India. But I have not driven regularly anywhere, thanks to amazing and cheap public transport. So, I do have loads of self-doubts.
  • finishing a coding project I started at the beginning of the month. I simply have not been able to get a large enough chunk of time to sit and code.
  • exercising properly thrice a week. This week has been so bad I only could do two minute stretched several times a day. I have cut myself some slack though and comforted myself with trudging up an down staircases with the happy toddler. (she loves staircases)
  • Finishing the book I started to read- ‘Game Changers in Education’. I did finish reading Bozi Dar’s Promoted.

Well, lots to do, lots to achieve. Have  a successful weekend folks!


It seems like any time I have friends or family or AuntFlow over, my diet and good intentions are out of the window. Pathetic!

But no use making excuses. Now is as good a time as any. So, back to eating, drinking and exercising again.

I shall be heading to India soon for a wedding. So, this month is all I have to prepare myself to fit into gorgeous clothes and practise eating well even when a guest or during travel. That is the challenge for these 30 days.

Please do share tips to stay on course while traveling and dining as a guest while visiting relations. What works for you? Sharing is caring!

Wardrobe Challenge – March 2016

Hello Dear Readers,

I am back agin with my list of Attire for the month. I slipped us this month. Twice I wore the same T, albeit with different jeans and accessories and hairdos. And 17th, I neither noted what I wore nor do I remember. Sigh!

But still, having fun with this challenge especially as I chucked away a lot of my ill-fitting, need-repair clothes into a suitcase to review later. I shall get around to them later with a six month deadline. If they are still in that suitcase, I shall just drop off the good ones at a donation center.


Enjoy the weekend! And Thanks for reading!