Wardrobe Challenge

I’m taking up the Wardrobe Challenge again this year.

With toddler T turning three, I thought it would be fun to discover the joys of dressing! I cannot claim to be very fashion conscious or even stylish but I do believing in dressing for myself. With a newborn or even infant toddler, I had ditched a lot of clothes and fabrics but hopefully no more.

So, time to say hello to:

Embroidery/ hand crafted embellishments (Discarded for beinghoking hazard for curious babies)

Khadar, cotton mix (too abrasive for baby soft skin)

Rings and bangles (no pointy/ prickly while holding a baby/ toddler in my arms)

Slinky, velvety fabrics (Vulnerable to Wardrobe Malfunctions with curious, roving toddler hands around)

Danglers, long earrings (No more pulling)

I have been noting my attire, so the lists shall be the content of my next post!

Until then, Happy Dressing! And a very Happy International Women’s Day!!





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