Feb 29-Review

Ok, so here’s how I did on Feb 29.

My list of items was follows:

  1. Talk to my Mom. For half an hour. DONE.
  2. Admire ToddlerT for ten minutes while she dances. DONE.
  3. Make a bucket list. Hmm.. I wish I could say DONE, but I won’t. Though I did spend twenty minutes on it. I only go minor goals like Better fitness and stuff. I finally got only two items. 1. Learn to speak French. 2. Become a speaker at the Dreamforce Conference. That’s it. No traveling or anything. It’s like I simply could not think of anything. I am still debating if that is good (content and blessed and all that) or bad (no aspirations or ability to even hope high)!

But never mind.

The intention of the whole exercise was to see if I could not only set time aside for myself for personal goals (for me the girl, woman and not wife, Mommy, etc.) but also carry out the tasks I set for myself. (I am obliger!)

I am happy to note that I did it! Yippee!

So, how did you spend the Leap Year? Leave me a comment.


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