Spring Cleaning-2016

It’s Spring again!

Which means time for Spring Cleaning! This week, I attack all my pain points at once. (including ironing) Thanks to my previous Declutter attempts, it should be an easier task than last year. Plus, with ToddlerT being a little more grown up and better at ‘helping’, spring cleaning ought to be fun (or at least not an ordeal)!

Eager to share my success and photos in my next post. Enjoy the weekend!

(And for those celebrating Easter, have a great time!)


Wardrobe Challenge- Jan & Feb ’15

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have joined the Wardrobe Challenge again this year. Yippee!

I have been keeping tabs on what I have been wearing since the new year commenced. So, I followed it religiously all of Jan. Then, came a lapse in Feb when ToddlerT suffered a cold and I caught it as well. But, I am happy to note that I still did follow the challenge. So, what if I did not note it down. It is the spirit that counts after all. Anyway, here is the list. It probably does not make for very good reading but the point is that I am on the challenge and undeterred for the past ninety six days. Hurrah!
Here’s to continuing the streak all year long!

Wardrobe Challenge

I’m taking up the Wardrobe Challenge again this year.

With toddler T turning three, I thought it would be fun to discover the joys of dressing! I cannot claim to be very fashion conscious or even stylish but I do believing in dressing for myself. With a newborn or even infant toddler, I had ditched a lot of clothes and fabrics but hopefully no more.

So, time to say hello to:

Embroidery/ hand crafted embellishments (Discarded for beinghoking hazard for curious babies)

Khadar, cotton mix (too abrasive for baby soft skin)

Rings and bangles (no pointy/ prickly while holding a baby/ toddler in my arms)

Slinky, velvety fabrics (Vulnerable to Wardrobe Malfunctions with curious, roving toddler hands around)

Danglers, long earrings (No more pulling)

I have been noting my attire, so the lists shall be the content of my next post!

Until then, Happy Dressing! And a very Happy International Women’s Day!!




Feb 29-Review

Ok, so here’s how I did on Feb 29.

My list of items was follows:

  1. Talk to my Mom. For half an hour. DONE.
  2. Admire ToddlerT for ten minutes while she dances. DONE.
  3. Make a bucket list. Hmm.. I wish I could say DONE, but I won’t. Though I did spend twenty minutes on it. I only go minor goals like Better fitness and stuff. I finally got only two items. 1. Learn to speak French. 2. Become a speaker at the Dreamforce Conference. That’s it. No traveling or anything. It’s like I simply could not think of anything. I am still debating if that is good (content and blessed and all that) or bad (no aspirations or ability to even hope high)!

But never mind.

The intention of the whole exercise was to see if I could not only set time aside for myself for personal goals (for me the girl, woman and not wife, Mommy, etc.) but also carry out the tasks I set for myself. (I am obliger!)

I am happy to note that I did it! Yippee!

So, how did you spend the Leap Year? Leave me a comment.