Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Hope everybody finds love and joy; not just on Valentine’s but every day! [Don’t worry Mom, I’m totally calling you! :)]

This week was a series of firsts for me and ToddlerT, I mean T. She turned three of the weekend, so she is now officially a preschooler. (though she will still attend a Young3’s program). Anyway, let me start my list with just that:

  • ToddlerT is now T. No more a baby! [insert mental bawling of me at my baby growing up so quick]
  • ToddlerT got a new teacher and class. And she was fine. All my worrying was for naught. Somewhere, she outgrew some babyish fears while I did not! Gulp!
  • I baked eggless brownies. And they came out splendidly. Yay! I have attempted cakes and cookies but never brownies. And certainly not with premixes that call for eggs since I heard that they are hard/ rubbery and lack moistness from friends who attempted the same.

Eggless Brownie Cake (Betty Crocker)

  • T had her first tiff at school. Her teacher handled it marvelously. And when T recalled the incident, it was with glee and pride. The fact that she learnt a lesson through the episode is beyond her years, but I am glad that learning the lesson is still well within her grasp. (insert proud, joyous sigh)
  • T finished 800 books as part of her ‘1000 books before Kindergarten’ program at our local library. We are to still collect our ‘800 Books Read’ sticker but the happy point to note is that we did 800 and are well on our way towards 900! [838 and counting as of this moment]. I am so delighted to gift the joy of reading to T. She of course cannot read as such, only identify alphabets. But the constant reading means she can recite her favorite books by rote. 🙂
  • I now do exercise thrice a week regularly. T allows me to complete my sets so long as she has her juice and I respect her thirty minute limit. After that, I am her playground!
  • T is back to eating cereal again. She had gone off cereals completely for a while, much to my dismay.
  • Hubby and I cooked dishes together twice this week. Glad we could get time to spend on doing activities together. Plus help is always appreciated around the house. (T exhausts me!)
  • We saw a deer racing across the highway this week. Our first deer spotting outside of zoos and forests!

And that is it for right now… Have a great weekend!



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