Sugar Jar & More…

How do you store memories? Have you tried your hand at capturing the little joys of life? What techniques do you use? FB? Instagram? Blogging? Twitter? Journal? Scrapbooking?

I never could keep a journal- even as a kid/ teenager. There was no FB or the vast array of social media that we now have. I just was not persistent enough. Plus, my life was ordinary- so there were no daily excitements. Still the same now.

But I have always wanted to keep something, make something. Still do. Some little box that will hold cherished memories, beautiful thoughts, little joys of everyday life that will seem hilarious and yet precious when I am an old woman. But I still do not have any one absolute method for it…. šŸ˜¦

I am not very active on FB and other social media in the sense that I share my achievements and joys there. No. I can’t bare my soul so openly. I shan’t! (too stubborn and opinionated for that). I do try though in other ways…

I have Ā little chocolate jar where I occasionally put little chits, commemorating tiny joyful memories. Like the stub of the first full length movie Hubs and I watched in the theater together with ToddlerT after she was born. (She was almost three, but to her credit, it was a long 3-hour Indian historical saga). The ticket to a museum my twin and I visited as girls after our respective marriages. (ToddlerT was with us- but that is a technicality I overlooked). A little chit about my first major cosmetics purchase. I call this jar my ‘Sugar Jar’. The sight of those scraps of paper in my kitchen makes me happy.

I have an email id, made for ToddlerT. I keep emailing her photos, little notes and long letters whenever I feel like. I will be presenting her the id and password on her 18th birthday! Hopefully, she shall have fun reliving her childhood and teenage years while also understandingĀ her Mom’s love and concerns and hopes. I strive not to impose any expectations, though I do have many hopes for a bright and fulfilling life for her.

And again- this blog. It’s not a legacy or even an accepted body of work- but it IS all my own. And that itself makes me happy. Reading my old posts makes me cringe at times, and smile at others. It IS a walk down the memory lane.

So, how do you journal your life? Share your useful tips and suggestions! Enjoy the weekend!



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