Puzzling Time

Ok- the title is my shameless attempt at a hook type of attention grabbing title. Hopefully, it will work.

Now on to the big reveal. Puzzling time is the hour that I spend daily watching (mostly) Toddler T  attempting various puzzles. Not to brag or anything, just saying, that this is how I am spending my time. ToddlerT loves her puzzles and with her growing intellect and dexterity and independence, (Hello Talking Threes!), they are a good way for her to learn grow and stay occupied.

The good parts:

  • Reduced Screen time
  • Educational Play
  • Learning, learning and more learning
  • Limited interaction needed, which means  Mommy can slowly increase periods of unsupervised Toddler time. (Someday I hope! Right now puzzles require me to at least lavish attention and delight on her prowess)
  • Mommy occasionally gets to do puzzles as well (only the really large/ new ones)

Not-so-good Parts:

  • Boring- toddlers and their love of repetition. Need I say more?
  • Sleep induction and the aftermath- I confess I nodded off twice this week in the midst if staring at my adorable toddler do the puzzles one by one, over and over again. The results  inciting ToddlerT’s wrath. She literally shook me awake and admonished me with a ‘No Sleeping. It’s Good Morning now!’
  • New puzzles are at certain times, difficult for me as well. Especially when the jigsaw and its illustrated cover picture are incomplete/ inaccurate. Makes it tough and exasperating for Mommy and ToddlerT.

But on the whole, it’s fun and  learning all meshed into one!



Dinosaur one was really perplexing the first time!


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