New Year Resolutions

Hello everyone! How is the New Year treating all of you?

I am working hard trying to make a great start for a splendid year. Unfortunately, the dilemma of whether to share my New Year resolutions without any editing or not was so intense, I never wrote at all in the first week of the year! Ugh!

But this is a blog about challenges. So, I shall rise to the challenge of sharing my resolutions and holding myself accountable to my fellow bloggers. Here goes:

  • Work out thrice a week (no procrastination)
  • Religiously log my food intake and weigh myself at least once a week. While my weight is well in the normal range for my age and height, I am starting to get love handles! Ouch! So, I definitely want to get that under control before my trip to India in a few months time.
  • Publish the book I started in NaNoWriMo 2014 and finished last year
  • Publish a blog post every week -no excuses this week onwards
  • Be more mindful of the foods I offer ToddlerT (hopefully improve her palate too!)

Easier said than done- but I am determined. And what with these resolutions out in the open, it will be harder not to stick to them. Yay!

So, what are your resolutions.


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