Not Writing

I am almost late in adding a post. So, what better but to write about what I do when I am not writing. This was also a topic on the Writing Prompts at The Daily Post. So, here I go:

When I am not writing, I :

  • Go walking up and down the stairs with Toddler T. Good exercise for Mommy and Baby!
  • Read books from the library
  • Read books on my Kindle
  • Read articles on various blogs: WordPress, MyFitnessPal, HBR, Forbes, GoodHousekeeping.
  • Try to make crafts with ToddlerT
  • Attempt new recipes for ToddlerT and a few for Hubs and me
  • Think of ideas for new blog posts
  • Complete MOOCs
  • Do my bit for the world by micro-volunteering
  • Attack my ironing [I never win! 😦 ]
  • Eat cucumbers (I love them)
  • Read Agatha Christie novels (I mean books that I’ve already read)
  • Listen to songs on YouTube
  • Do a spot of de-cluttering (There is always scope for eliminating clutter)
  • Exercise
  • See how long I can stay upright on my stability ball

Currently, a lot of my time is also spent on potty training ToddlerT (we are progressing slowly but surely).

So, what do you fellow bloggers do when you folks are not writing?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!




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