Happy New Year

Here’s wishing everyone a fantastic and prosperous New Year! May the year bring loads of sweet memories, many joys and plenty of successes -big and small.



Not Writing

I am almost late in adding a post. So, what better but to write about what I do when I am not writing. This was also a topic on the Writing Prompts at The Daily Post. So, here I go:

When I am not writing, I :

  • Go walking up and down the stairs with Toddler T. Good exercise for Mommy and Baby!
  • Read books from the library
  • Read books on my Kindle
  • Read articles on various blogs: WordPress, MyFitnessPal, HBR, Forbes, GoodHousekeeping.
  • Try to make crafts with ToddlerT
  • Attempt new recipes for ToddlerT and a few for Hubs and me
  • Think of ideas for new blog posts
  • Complete MOOCs
  • Do my bit for the world by micro-volunteering
  • Attack my ironing [I never win! 😦 ]
  • Eat cucumbers (I love them)
  • Read Agatha Christie novels (I mean books that I’ve already read)
  • Listen to songs on YouTube
  • Do a spot of de-cluttering (There is always scope for eliminating clutter)
  • Exercise
  • See how long I can stay upright on my stability ball

Currently, a lot of my time is also spent on potty training ToddlerT (we are progressing slowly but surely).

So, what do you fellow bloggers do when you folks are not writing?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!



Press It

In answer to today’s prompt, I’d like to share three amazing blog posts I read this past week and why I found them amazing!

  1. My Least Favorite Child Today– the hilarious account of his twin sons’ reaction after his first trip away was hilarious and fun. I though we would not have the post ending with the author’s account of which child was less than perfect (since he was away) but no, we got the tally. Once again, it did not disappoint. Bonus: Every post includes a pic of Neil Patrick Harris (of Barney fame)!
  2. GameOfDiapers: I loved this blogpost. They say a picture says a thousand words. But this one says it all. Honesty, courage, Determination- these are just few of the words that come to mind. In a world full of Mommy wars, Photoshopping, I’mBetterThanYou mindset; this mom of three is totally winning it by her authenticity and priorities. Go girl, you’re my idol!
  3. My Favorite Things: Nostalgia and family are always wonderful. But someone else’s? In this brilliant post, we see the author leading us down her memory lane with some photographs that she has received. Short, compelling narrative of bittersweet memories make this blogpost captivating to read. I also admire this particular blog post even more, because it is a shift from the author’s usual on her travel blog. There are posts unrelated to travel, yes, but they are infrequent and so more exciting to read.

P.S. This post is in response to today’s Daily Post Challenge. Share the love and check these blogs out.You won’t be disappointed!

Foot Fixation

I have been adding photo posts for a while, so I decided why not today as well. As I scrolled through my media library, I realized something: I have a foot fetish. And that is why I seem to have so many pics with ‘feet’ as the sole element of human interest! Ouch!

Furthering it is ( Actually, I DO NOT have a foot fetish or anything!) this post!

photo 5 (15)

Fall Feet



Pained Toenails Pic


Stockinged Baby Feet


Many Feet (Plus One pair of Shoes)


Baby Feet, complete with anklets!



Was it just last week, that I was happily chuckling about ToddlerT’s love for Disney? Well, it’s still on! But we are moving to Daddy’s fav activities too! Like sports, and jumping all day and other, more physically demanding activities! Mommy is tired! ALREADY!! 20140613-090244-32564051.jpg

Silver Lining: I am getting my workouts. Like Hubs observed: ToddlerT is my personal trainer, and she is an unrelenting, vigorous, (and merciless, I might add!) and zealous coach!