Day 1: I write because…

I write because…

  • I like writing.
  • I am opinionated and talkative. And I write like I speak- which is a lot! A blog is a great outlet for all those thoughts and opinions.
  • Writing makes me talk less. And that makes me a better listener. The significant word being better- way better than before.
  • Writing helps me sort my thoughts.
  • I can be as inconsiderate as I like- my blog, my rules, what I say goes. In a world of civility and conforming to societal norms and being nice (I am ToddlerT’s role model after all); it’s goood to have my own space where I can be a bear when and for as long as I want.
  • Writing is therapeutic.
  • I can try out different forms of writing.
  • The blogging community is so vast, I get to read the works of other bloggers. Some make me laugh, some make me think, some sentimental, some superior (we all need it at our low points) and some make me aware of my own unpleasant traits (like the judgmental bit – am working on it).
  • I like giving a channel to that nagging little voice at the back of mind- that is both the devil and my most trusty cheerleader. It’s nice to give it a space of her own than to be plagued by a constant double guessing. My inner voice is as chatty as my own! Sigh!
  • A place to share, to be seen and heard. Who doesn’t want a place to reign?
  • I love the feeling of exhilaration when I see a published post, when I receive likes, when fellow bloggers comment on my blog or reply to my own comment on theirs.
  • WordPress has a really good Stats page that fuels my achiever streak.
  • I always wanted to have a pen pal. Blogging is that and so much more!
  • It has improved my typing speed as well. Bonus!
  • Blogging is fun.

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