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Excited about the start of November. Why?

  • Daylight Saving ended. So, I got an extra hour to work with. Yayy!!!
  • ToddlerT has adjusted like a pro to the change in time. This is her third time and she never seems affected by it at all. Thank the Lord!
  • WordPress blogging course is beginning and I am excited to be part of it and work at making this blog better. Hurray!
  • ToddlerT was a little unwell but Hubs helped out like a champ. I am now refreshed enough to brave the week ahead and ready for a not so well and slightly misbehaved, energetic toddler. [ToddlerT always throws frightful temper tantrums- not to be confused with regular misdemeanors – when she is under the weather. 😦 ]
  • I am tracking expenses from October and the use of bank statements with receipts HAS made my life easier. I found tracking so overwhelming, I would quit in a couple of days. Relying on statements to keep track and using receipts only as additional info has taken the anxiety and stress from my mind.

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