Disney and Princess Fever is on!

Yup, ToddlerT is on a princess and Disney binge! Not TV viewing but in making me draw sketches, her clothes, her shoes, the songs she sings even her Kinder eggs! Yup, we have joined the Disney bandwagon!

Thankfully, I don’t mind. I love that I now have a companion in all things Disney! Hubs maenwhile, is educated himself on the various characters, and trying to keep up with two ladies crazy about Disney! Ha ha!


Nostalgia Time!

It’s time for a little bit of nostalgia!

Bonus: Apparently looking at clips/ photos of your toddler while they were babies helps to dispel the frustrations of raising them! And we all know how toddlers are- angels one moment, devils the next!

So, here goes, one of my favorite pics of BabyT!

BabyT watching Indian music- introducing our heritage

Introducing BabyT to Indian culture

(And no, that is NOT a wardrobe malfunction- that is actually her back, yup! Some of the silver lining of my nursing experiences!)


Day 1: I write because…

I write because…

  • I like writing.
  • I am opinionated and talkative. And I write like I speak- which is a lot! A blog is a great outlet for all those thoughts and opinions.
  • Writing makes me talk less. And that makes me a better listener. The significant word being better- way better than before.
  • Writing helps me sort my thoughts.
  • I can be as inconsiderate as I like- my blog, my rules, what I say goes. In a world of civility and conforming to societal norms and being nice (I am ToddlerT’s role model after all); it’s goood to have my own space where I can be a bear when and for as long as I want.
  • Writing is therapeutic.
  • I can try out different forms of writing.
  • The blogging community is so vast, I get to read the works of other bloggers. Some make me laugh, some make me think, some sentimental, some superior (we all need it at our low points) and some make me aware of my own unpleasant traits (like the judgmental bit – am working on it).
  • I like giving a channel to that nagging little voice at the back of mind- that is both the devil and my most trusty cheerleader. It’s nice to give it a space of her own than to be plagued by a constant double guessing. My inner voice is as chatty as my own! Sigh!
  • A place to share, to be seen and heard. Who doesn’t want a place to reign?
  • I love the feeling of exhilaration when I see a published post, when I receive likes, when fellow bloggers comment on my blog or reply to my own comment on theirs.
  • WordPress has a really good Stats page that fuels my achiever streak.
  • I always wanted to have a pen pal. Blogging is that and so much more!
  • It has improved my typing speed as well. Bonus!
  • Blogging is fun.

WordPress Blogging Tutorials

Excited about the start of November. Why?

  • Daylight Saving ended. So, I got an extra hour to work with. Yayy!!!
  • ToddlerT has adjusted like a pro to the change in time. This is her third time and she never seems affected by it at all. Thank the Lord!
  • WordPress blogging course is beginning and I am excited to be part of it and work at making this blog better. Hurray!
  • ToddlerT was a little unwell but Hubs helped out like a champ. I am now refreshed enough to brave the week ahead and ready for a not so well and slightly misbehaved, energetic toddler. [ToddlerT always throws frightful temper tantrums- not to be confused with regular misdemeanors – when she is under the weather. 😦 ]
  • I am tracking expenses from October and the use of bank statements with receipts HAS made my life easier. I found tracking so overwhelming, I would quit in a couple of days. Relying on statements to keep track and using receipts only as additional info has taken the anxiety and stress from my mind.