How do I Subscribe?

Hmm…. this week’s challenge seems to be subscribing to this hilarious, absolutely funny blog :My Least Favorite Child Today. Unfortunately, I cannot find the Subscribe button. Considering that I have been blogging for over two years now AND I am a professional programmer, it seems annoying and exasperating to not glean a way to subscribe. But like any blogger/programmer worth her words/code, find a way I will. Until then, I am going to enjoy the funny take (much needed silver lining) on parenting out there.


Update: I have been reading the aforementioned blog and laughing so loud, toddlerT actually climbed into my lap, stared at me, shook her head (as if to say- you ARE nuts!) and then has been playing happily with her cars. (It has been twenty minutes now and she’s still playing!) I may be onto a miraculous way of getting her to play by herself! Fingers crossed!

New Update: I may have not been able to subscribe directly on this blogger’s blog page but I have been able to do it on my reader page by adding the URL! Hurray! Now I have to go and wipe the car streaks off the walls that are a result of toddlerT’s unsupervised playtime. Yes Mom, you were right! A quiet child is NOT a good sign! Sigh!


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