Cold! Cold! Cold!


Eggless Triple Ice cream! My favorite- especially topped with Hershey’s sauce and chopped nuts.


Cold delicious rasogulla dripping with sweet sugar syrup


Cold dessert with hot chocolate sauce and crispy, chilled strawberries


Homemade eggless layered cake with frozen pineapple slices, grapes and creamy icing! Yumm!


Snowflakes on my nose and toes!

Ok, I admit I have cold things on my mind. That’s because I have  a terrible cold and the craving for all things I am being denied right now is making me more miserable than what I already am! Argh!



Ever since we bought the Vitamix blender, Hubby and I have been having fun making all sorts of smoothies. This month’s challenge is to find awesome smoothies and drink it all up. Adventure and health all in one same package! Yayy!

Watch out this space for recipes and smoothies adventures!

The Joy of Book Reading

I just love books and reading. So, I felt very remiss in not adding a page on this blog listing all the books I read or am reading this year. Better late than never, right?

So far I have read more than a dozen books, thus crossing my target of at least a book a month. I know, with me bragging about my high reading speeds, that seems paltry. But what with almost six months of traveling and catching up with relatives in India, potty training ToddlerT, our trips, and my varied interests, time is scarce. Hence, my lack of ambition in this regard. But now that I have crossed it with almost three months before the year ends, let’s see if I can up it to two dozen. Hurray! Happy Reading!

How do I Subscribe?

Hmm…. this week’s challenge seems to be subscribing to this hilarious, absolutely funny blog :My Least Favorite Child Today. Unfortunately, I cannot find the Subscribe button. Considering that I have been blogging for over two years now AND I am a professional programmer, it seems annoying and exasperating to not glean a way to subscribe. But like any blogger/programmer worth her words/code, find a way I will. Until then, I am going to enjoy the funny take (much needed silver lining) on parenting out there.


Update: I have been reading the aforementioned blog and laughing so loud, toddlerT actually climbed into my lap, stared at me, shook her head (as if to say- you ARE nuts!) and then has been playing happily with her cars. (It has been twenty minutes now and she’s still playing!) I may be onto a miraculous way of getting her to play by herself! Fingers crossed!

New Update: I may have not been able to subscribe directly on this blogger’s blog page but I have been able to do it on my reader page by adding the URL! Hurray! Now I have to go and wipe the car streaks off the walls that are a result of toddlerT’s unsupervised playtime. Yes Mom, you were right! A quiet child is NOT a good sign! Sigh!