Household Work Backlog Rant!

I have so much of household work pending that I must get it off my chest. It’s going to take a while to tackle it, so a few more minutes to pen down my thoughts will not make a significant difference.

  1. Ironing- It seemed like I won the battle of ironing only to realize I have piles of laundry to do. I did that and guess what, my ironing stack has doubled its last size.
  2. Paperwork- ToddlerT started preschool. She goes twice a week but I can already see the paperwork and artwork stack up. Ideas, anyone?
  3. Wardrobe- Winter is slowly creeping up which means it is time to attack the winter gear and clothes and shoes and sort out what works and what does not when the weather turns nasty.
  4. Fitness- Aunt Flow has played truant with my fitness goals. I ache everywhere and worse when I exercise. All I want to put i my mouth are chips and juices. Sigh!
  5. Toys – Every time I go on vacation, I come back with an arm load of toys from toddlerT’s doting fans. And now they are threatening to take over the entire house.
  6. Sleep- Aunt Flow can be blamed for this one. I need to sleep!

And with that, this brave mommy is going to wage war on her ironing piles! Bid me luck!


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