Messes, Decluttering & More

Ok, I really wanted to add a post on decluttering or fitness or anything that looked liked a well thought, carefully crafted blogpost. But today, I shall merely add this photo.


Yup. I had our weekly potluck at my place and this is what the aftermath looks like. But I am grateful the four kids who were present (yup, only four) did not spill food or fight or have meltdowns. And for preschoolers, that IS saying a lot.

And that is why I am passing off a messy room’s photograph as this week’s post! ūüôā Lots to clean, lots to declutter, lots to do. Happy Weekend! Ta-ta!

P.S.: My exercising is still on track, thanks to my huge purple exercise ball! Hurray!


Household Work Backlog Rant!

I have so much of household¬†work¬†pending that I must get it off my chest. It’s going to take a while to tackle it, so a few more minutes to pen down my thoughts will not make a significant difference.

  1. Ironing- It seemed like I won the battle of ironing only to realize I have piles of laundry to do. I did that and guess what, my ironing stack has doubled its last size.
  2. Paperwork- ToddlerT started preschool. She goes twice a week but I can already see the paperwork and artwork stack up. Ideas, anyone?
  3. Wardrobe- Winter is slowly creeping up which means it is time to attack the winter gear and clothes and shoes and sort out what works and what does not when the weather turns nasty.
  4. Fitness- Aunt Flow has played truant with my fitness goals. I ache everywhere and worse when I exercise. All I want to put i my mouth are chips and juices. Sigh!
  5. Toys – Every time I go on vacation, I come back with an arm load of toys from toddlerT’s doting fans. And now they are threatening to take over the entire house.
  6. Sleep- Aunt Flow can be blamed for this one. I need to sleep!

And with that, this brave mommy is going to wage war on her ironing piles! Bid me luck!

Random Musings

This has been a crazy week. What with the vacation mood hangover of the long weekend, ToddlerT starting school (Young 3’s), potty training, Aunt Flow’s impending arrival, it has been a hectic week. Add to it the chaos of being away for two weeks and the trips on long weekend, my house is one huge mess! I am still trying to keep the untidiness under control while battling for supremacy with my ironing loads AND keeping true to the past declutter challenges. Starting next week, I am hoping to revive the Declutter Challenges. Hopefully, my house and energy levels will have¬†recovered by then.

Until next week, with hope and a host of ambitious goals, Adieu!


Howdy people? As mentioned in my last post, I am trying very hard to stay healthy and add a bit of exercise to my daily routine. I am able to do four days a week up until now. I did not really think I would do weekends at the start. I am¬†trying to nudge it towards five days a week. Let’s ¬†see how that goes.

Have you heard about taking 10K steps a day for fitness? I recently did and I was surprised that I am making almost 6K steps just walking around the house. I must add here that I have a habit of pottering about a lot. And what with running behind¬†an energetic toddler, the idea seemed too simple to pass up. So, I have taken to walking around with my iPhone in my pocket all the¬†time with motion tracking switched on. I use MyFitnessPal, a free app as¬†a food tracker, so it keeps track of the steps once the¬†phone’s tracking is on. Yayy! Only downside is that I reached 10K steps only once, when I walked outside with toddlerT. So, have¬†added walking outside every day for at least twenty minutes to my list of fitness goals. Great for me, better for toddlerT. ūüôā

Other than that, nothing new to add. Take care folks. Stay positive, eat healthy and smile!