Declutter – 8

This week, I went through my clothes. Can you imagine that I have worn all the clothes in it in this year? And I was away for four months in India? I guess the Wardrobe Challenge helped me keep track of all my clothes. But it needed a bit of re-organizing, what with new stuff added from my trip in India and everything in a disarray. So, I did it. Everything, I am pleased to see; is neatly arranged and hung. I mix and match a lot. So, I have them ordered into piles of tops, pants/jeans, and saris (I wear them once in a while). Dresses – Indian and western are now neatly hung while unmentionables go into my hanging wardrobe. Hopefully, this organization will stay. Now if I could just do something about my stack of clothes to be ironed. Sigh!


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