Declutter – 7

For this week, I have attacked toddlerT’s toys. ToddlerT has a lot of toys with every day seeing a new favorite from her existing collection. I am indulgent not foolish.

Acting on a friend’s sensible suggestion, I usually rotate a lot of her toys every fortnight or so, based on her current interests and age (not her all time favs though like blocks and a couple of stuffed toys). But it had been some time since I purged any of her toys. So, carefully, I looked through all her toys with the little one and sorted through. We decided to give away a few large items that she has simply outgrown along with random toys that she never really took a fancy too. After much explanation of why and how we are giving it away, we now have reduced our toys by at least a fifth. hurray!

P.S.: ToddlerT is due for some toys, so I know I will need to rotate toys one more time. But no issues. My goal is to give up of clutter not give up all my worldly possessions or T’s.

P.P.S: I did not make ToddlerT personally give everything away- only a couple. The rest were given to a friend who donates regularly. I did not want to overkill my attempt at teaching T to give things away.


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