Declutter- 10

For this week, I am clearing out my storage closet. I have so many items in it. It looks like I will need two weeks to make it functional. So, for this week, I am simply throwing away unnecessary stuff. Ruthlessly. Be it makeup, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, if they have not been touched for three months- out they go. I am steeling myself as I chuck out shades of eyeshadow I love but never have used. Boo-hoo! This is harder than it seems.

Bravely battling on,



Declutter- 9

Remember, I told you I was clearing out the closet. I did my clothes last week. So, this week, I sorted through toddlerT’s clothes to purge any items she is too big for. Plus, I needed to add all the clothes she received as gifts from pampering grandparents and great grandparents and uncles and aunts and a host of (too complex to explain) relatives.

All her tops and dresses are now on display on their own hangers. [Thank God I always stop Hubby dear from refusing the hangers on kiddie clothes.] Hangers make organizing tiny clothes so easy. Plus, toddlerT is at the stage where she wants to make her own choices; so asking her to ‘select’ her attire for the day spurs her into action for getting ready. Else. it takes ages to get her to comply. Her shorts, trousers, and skirts go into one bin. Another holds her towels and nightwear. All at her eye level so she can grab what she wants. She still has not grasped the concept of opening closet sliding doors; so I am spared messes and clothes strewn all over. (the closet doors mysteriously ope only while she needs a bath! 🙂 ) Her socks again are in our hanging closet, so they are easy to grab. As ever, I choose functionality and ease of use over aesthetics.

T did have quite  a few clothes that needed to be given away. They are now in a big bag ready to be given away to my friend who donates regularly. Yayy! One more project down! Woo-hoo!

Declutter – 8

This week, I went through my clothes. Can you imagine that I have worn all the clothes in it in this year? And I was away for four months in India? I guess the Wardrobe Challenge helped me keep track of all my clothes. But it needed a bit of re-organizing, what with new stuff added from my trip in India and everything in a disarray. So, I did it. Everything, I am pleased to see; is neatly arranged and hung. I mix and match a lot. So, I have them ordered into piles of tops, pants/jeans, and saris (I wear them once in a while). Dresses – Indian and western are now neatly hung while unmentionables go into my hanging wardrobe. Hopefully, this organization will stay. Now if I could just do something about my stack of clothes to be ironed. Sigh!

Declutter – 7

For this week, I have attacked toddlerT’s toys. ToddlerT has a lot of toys with every day seeing a new favorite from her existing collection. I am indulgent not foolish.

Acting on a friend’s sensible suggestion, I usually rotate a lot of her toys every fortnight or so, based on her current interests and age (not her all time favs though like blocks and a couple of stuffed toys). But it had been some time since I purged any of her toys. So, carefully, I looked through all her toys with the little one and sorted through. We decided to give away a few large items that she has simply outgrown along with random toys that she never really took a fancy too. After much explanation of why and how we are giving it away, we now have reduced our toys by at least a fifth. hurray!

P.S.: ToddlerT is due for some toys, so I know I will need to rotate toys one more time. But no issues. My goal is to give up of clutter not give up all my worldly possessions or T’s.

P.P.S: I did not make ToddlerT personally give everything away- only a couple. The rest were given to a friend who donates regularly. I did not want to overkill my attempt at teaching T to give things away.

Declutter- 6

This week ToddlerT and I made some book sleeves based on a blogpost I read. I do not remember whose it was, so unable to give credit. Hopefully, the source shall come to me in a while.

Anyway, we made the book sleeves and ToddlerT’s books are now proudly on display and within her reach. Plus, putting them away is super easy too! A system that works, even if it is not beautiful is what I am shooting for. (After learning a lesson from last week 4). Yayy! Less clutter, less work.

P.S.: Under this dressing table is its stool, upturned to make a cute cubbie for my cookbooks.